The Lindvall Family

The Lindvall Family

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Summer 2017

We had a really great summer and I can't believe that it's already over!  So many good memories made!

State Fair

We went to the state fair with the Stamper family a few weeks ago.  We hadn't planned on going, but we are glad we could check it out for the evening.  


Elli had mentioned awhile back that she'd like to try out tennis sometime.  I was thrilled to find out that I could also put Connor in lessons at the same time that Elli was in them.  So far, the kids are loving it and they have 4 more lessons left.

Connor is 6 years old

Connor is officially 6 years old!  

Connor continues to be the silliest kid out of the three.  He loves to get people to laugh....especially Emery.  He is shy around most people, but a wild kid at home.  He is loud and all over the place.  He got pretty close to the boys in his class last year and loves being around them.  
 He loves go-karts, driving anything he can, cars, boats, golf, and swimming.  He is determined to play tackle football and thinks that he is old enough to do that now.  He loves tubing and skiing.....he keeps asking to do those things soon!
 Connor is really into Pokemon and loves playing any type of video game he can get his hands on.  He's currently obsessed with Minecraft.  He continues to love talking about poo and etc.
 He is the pickiest eater out of the three kids.  His favorite foods are chicken fingers, french fries, PB&J, and beef jerky.
 He has had quite the transition to Kindergarten.  This is our first experience with a kid in Kindergarten full day and he comes home completely exhausted most days.  We are still in the transition phase and I'm hoping this doesn't last much longer!  He has really enjoyed school, but he has a little party every Saturday he wakes up when he finds out it's the weekend!
 The above picture if by far Connor's favorite thing to do!  He loves driving around his new go-kart!
Connor's last picture as a 5 year old!

Happy Belated Birthday, Bubba!

First day of school for Elli and Connor

School started back up the second week of August this year.  It's crazy that Elli is in 2nd grade and Connor in Kindergarten.  Two days before school started, the kids had an ice cream social at their school.  

Connor in his new class
 Elli in the lunch room (I forgot to take a picture of her in her class).
 Elli lucked out and got in class with many of her good friends.  Her teacher is new this year, but seems really nice.

 Connor got one of our neighbors as his teacher.  We were thrilled to find this out because we really, really like her!  He was upset that he didn't get the 1 male Kindergarten teacher.  Out of 8 classes, he didn't have much of a shot at getting him :)

 Both kids were ready and excited for their first day.  Elli was a little nervous and I could tell Connor was too!
 The Kindergarteners at the bus stop!  The kids have assigned seats on the bus.  Connor and Cam are bus buddies and they also sit with Elli's best friend's brother!
 The 2nd grade girls at the bus stop!
 The whole crew!
 Connor's first time on the bus.  Getting his seat assignment!
 Connor's teacher sent me this picture!  He had to wear that shirt the first 4 days of school!