The Lindvall Family

The Lindvall Family

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Last Day of Preschool

Elli's last day of preschool was last Wednesday!  I'm so proud of all she accomplished this past year and I'm looking forward to seeing her grow next school year!  

Last day 5/14/2014
And just for comparison sake….First day of preschool 9/9/2013
Connor wanted his picture taken also on Elli's last day!  Next year, I'll be dropping them both off!
 Elli and her teacher, Mrs. Grimm (we'll see if Connor gets her next year!)
 Elli and 3 of her friends
The girls….
 On Thursday, her preschool had a picnic at the park for all the kids!  It was freezing and it rained, but we still decided to go!

Mother's Day 2014

Mother's Day 2014 will go down in the books as being one of the most exhausting Mother's Day yet.  We started working on the house before church, went to church, came home and ate whatever we could find, and continued to work on the house for the rest of the day until probably midnight…..all while trying to manage 2 kids.  In fact, if people wouldn't have told me 'Happy Mother's Day' and if they wouldn't have talked about it at church, I would have completely forgotten about it (and did most of the day)….we were just that busy!  Scott kept saying 'I want to go to the store and get you some special food'….but I told him I'd rather us keep working!

This is the only picture we took before church!  We actually wanted to get a better picture later in the day, but we completely forgot about it!

Here's to a more relaxing Mother's Day next year with 3 kiddos!