The Lindvall Family

The Lindvall Family

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

7 months old

Emery is 7 months old (and quickly approaching 8 months)!  She still continues to be sweet as can be!  We are having so much fun with her and loving this stage!

Emery loves solid foods and is willing to try most things!  We've started introducing some table foods to her.  So far she has tried: avocado, mac and cheese, bread, cheerios, greek yogurt, green beans, and banana.  She hasn't shown as much interest in milk, so we've had to be somewhat creative in getting all her ounces down her (we're pretty sure her teeth are bothering her).  Emery is taking a sippy cup pretty well with water in it.

Emery's 2nd tooth just popped through her gums!  We're hoping this will lead to more sleep at night; however, I'm not getting my hopes up!  Emery hasn't slept through the night since in a few weeks.  In fact, her sleeping has been pretty rough!  She's been waking up multiple times during the night and we've occasionally had difficulty getting her back to sleep.  She still goes to bed at 7:00, but everything else continues to be inconsistent.  Naps are also not extremely consistent.  We have days where she sleeps a total of 2 hours a day and other days she sleeps a total of 4 hours!  

Emery is into everything!  She is constantly grabbing for everything that comes in front of her.  She successfully can feed herself puffs and etc…..she's been able to do this for the past 3ish weeks!  She is also rolling all over the place.  She is pulling her legs up under her and I fear (we're so not ready) crawling is near!  She loves to stand while we hold her and is always wiggling all around.

Emery is starting to give open mouth kisses, which are pretty irresistible.  She also started playing peek-a-boo as of this past weekend.  It's probably the cutest thing I've ever seen when she puts the blanket over her head.  She will also occasionally pat us on the back when we pick her up!

She is sweet and her smile is contagious!  Emery's still not a huge fan of people or dogs.  She is shy and when someone comes up to talk to her she will usually smile and then bury her head (also extremely cute).  She still loves bath time and well often squeal or start laughing when she hears the water run!!

Happy 7 months, sweet girl!!

Siesta Key 2015

We went to Siesta Key, Florida at the end of February for 8 days!  The kids were so excited and had been looking forward to the trip for weeks….while we were just trying to figure out how we'd get all 5 of us plus luggage through the airport!  We flew out on Friday afternoon and Emery of course hated the flight!  Of all the flights we've been on with our kids, we were finally 'those people with the baby.'  Although she didn't cry the entire flight, she definitely did her share of crying and I couldn't wait to get us all off the plane!

We spent the week playing at the beach and swimming in the pool!  We went out to dinner a few evenings, St. Armands Circle, the drum ceremony, and Scott and I even got away one evening to go out to dinner.

First time at the beach for Emery!  She loved playing in the sand!!!!
Elli and I found matching shoes…..we just had to get them!!
We made a last minute decision to go to Disney on Thursday!  This was definitely a different experience taking a 6 month old and someone who was feeling slightly under the weather (ahem…Dad).  But….we were able to meet up the Georges' and ride some of our favorite rides!  We rode the new Snow White ride, Barnstormer, Thunder Mountain, It's A Small World, Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion, Peter Pan, Dumbo, Race Cars, carousel and Jungle Boat Cruise.  We also saw Mickey's Philharmonic, met Ariel and watched the parade. (we didn't all do each of those things)  We were done by 8:00 and exhausted.

Riding Dumbo

 Thunder Mountain
 First time at Disney
 It's a Small World

 Emery and Papa were friends for a bit on this ride….

 Well….at least 3 of us are looking….
 Meeting Ariel
 Riding his car


 The kids took a nap the first day in Florida, but didn't take one the rest of the week!  They were both so exhausted by the end of the week!  Our flight home went much better than the flight there!

We had a great week and like every vacation, it went entirely too fast!  We came home to lots of snow and cold!  We were happy to sleep in our own beds, but missed the sun and beach!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Disney on Ice

We went to the annual Disney on Ice show in mid-February!  We were looking forward to the show and got the kids tickets for their Valentine's Day gift.  What we hadn't planned on was having Connor be sick!  Prior to this show, we had taken Connor to the dr. and ended up with 2 inhalers, meds for his nebulizer, a steroid, and an antibiotic.  His dr. is fairly certain that he will have an asthma diagnosis in the future.  Anyways, steroids make him go unbelievably slightly crazy.  It really is like nothing you've ever seen.  We go from a crazy meltdown to extreme happiness.  Disney on Ice proved to be a difficult show for Connor to sit through.  

Everyone else had a good time, though….   
Emery even stayed up late to watch it….
We'll try again next year :)

Connor is 3.5

You are now 3.5 years old!  You are growing so quickly and I can't believe what a fun, little boy you are!  You were so excited when I told you last month that you were going to be 3.5!  You were expecting a huge birthday bash with lots of cake and balloons.  Unfortunately we didn't do all that, but we did sing to you :)  

You are so silly these days and are always running around talking/yelling in the loudest voice.  You are shy to people you don't know (and even to some people you do know), but at home….wow….you are loud!!  When you get excited, you talk in your 'Connor language.'  You say tons of words that no one can understand and have made up your own language.  You still LOVE playing with all your toys!  Trains, trucks, cars, tractors, planes, ninja turtles….they are all your favorite!  You can keep yourself occupied for the longest time with your toys!  However, you still struggle with cleaning them up :)  
Bedtime for you is 8 or 8:30; however, you are a night owl!  You stay up late in your room, not making a sound and eventually fall asleep….but you always like to sleep in.  You tend to skip your nap at least once or twice a week….on those nights, you fall asleep relatively quick.  We have many mornings where we have to wake you up for school or church.  
Three years of age hasn't been your easiest stage; however, we are still enjoying each and every day!  You are still sensitive and don't like it when you get in trouble.  You have really started to notice girls….you still like Stella from school, but have also found some other girls you like (oh brother!!).  You and Daddy have had to have a talk or two and we've sought out some advice from other parents with boys.  You have become more picky, but we still manage to get whatever dinner/lunch we give you down. When you get embarrassed or you do something you know is wrong, you give us the face above (part smile with mouth open and tongue over to the side).

You are a GREAT big brother.  You weren't so sure about Emery at first, but you two have a sweet, special relationship.  She loves you and out of all of us, you are the one that makes her laugh.  But when she wakes up, your eyes light up.  You are always quick to go over to her and greet her!  You tend to stick right beside Elli when we're out and about.  At soccer the other day, someone got in between you guys in line….you quickly moved to where you were standing right behind Elli….you put your arms around her from behind and said "This is MY sissy."  At home, you guys play pretty well….lately it seems you guys always end up in a 'fun' wrestling match!

You have tolerated school this year, but are ready for it to be over.  It has been good for you, though.  You've learned so much.  I'm hoping that something will click next year and you'll learn to love it!
 You love to pray!  You are always asking to pray at home and at church.  I picked you up today from church and your teacher said "He is going to be a great leader someday.  His prayers are the best that we've heard in here.  He's such a special boy."  We couldn't agree more!
 Connor, you have started to like writing/coloring.  You are doing great writing your name…you picked that up at school!  We are STILL working on your alphabet….you almost have them down!
 You are sweet, silly, funny and so so handsome!  You are so much fun!!  Happy half birthday, Bubs!!