The Lindvall Family

The Lindvall Family

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

8 Year Anniversary

Scott and I celebrated our 8 year anniversary last Tuesday!  Scott wasn't supposed to be home, but because of a few cancelled meetings, he surprised me and called me in the afternoon letting me know he would probably be able to make a late dinner.  

We've had a great last year with a couple surprises thrown in!  We're looking forward to seeing what this next year has to bring as we make the transition to adding one more kiddo to this family in our new house!  
Here's to us and here's to many, many more years of wedded bliss!!

Preschool Program

Elliana had a preschool program at her school (about a month ago…oops….I'm a little slow on the blog update) to finish out her year!  I love going to these programs and watching her sing and do all the hand motions.  Elli did great at the program and we surprised her with ice cream afterwards!  Nana and Papa surprised us all (well…they called me that morning) and came to the show.  Elli was so excited to have them there.  She even yelled "Papa" and waved to him once she got up on stage!    

 Here she is walking in….
 Up on stage….can you find her??

And during the program I cried because preschool was over for the year (ha….I kid….I kid)!  So far we've had a great start to our summer.  We've been able to meet up with some of Elli's friends and plan on doing that many more times throughout the summer.  Elli has VBS next week and will attend an all day event tomorrow at the same church where she will go to VBS.  Our weekends are pretty booked (with the exception of this weekend) up until the last 2 of July!  This summer will fly by and before we know it the baby will be here and Elli AND Connor will be headed to preschool!

Way to go Elli!  We're so proud of you for having such a great year at preschool!!