The Lindvall Family

The Lindvall Family

Monday, December 28, 2015

15-16 Months

Emery Rose is now 16 months old!  She's been growing so much lately and is so much fun!  

She really started walking all over at about 14 months and is now into everything!  Emery loves playing with all the toys that her siblings are playing with.  She loves her baby doll, balls, coloring, music, putting on clothes, and fake animals.  

Emery tries repeating many words.  She will say niney, mama, yeah, and dada.  She makes animal sounds for a dog, cow, duck and occasionally a cat.  She knows the following body parts: eyes, belly, hair, tongue, teeth, toes, hands, and nose.  She still uses the signs 'more,' 'all done,' and 'book.' Emery understands so much these days.
 Emery is still extremely attached to me, but often does fine going to other people when I am not in the room.  She loves being held and gives us about 100 hugs and kisses a day!  Connor continues to be one of her favorite people, and her cousin, Maddy, is also becoming someone she loves being around.
 When coloring, she always lays down like this.  I love it!
 Emery loves giving a big, cheesy smile when asked.  She has always wrinkled her nose and now does it when she smiles!

She continues to have a mouth full of teeth and is currently working on another one.  I'm hoping she will be done for awhile, but we will see.

 Her hair is getting so long and straight!  We can now put her hair in a ponytail!
Emery loves going up the stairs and is learning how to go down on her own.  She does pretty well by herself, but needs one of us with her.

Emery eats pretty well, but has been teething so much lately, that it is hard to tell if she is really picky or not.  She loves ketchup and wants to dip everything in it.  She also insists on using a spoon or fork and typically makes a huge mess!  Emery does pretty well drinking out of an open cup, but prefers using a straw sippy cup.
Emery goes to bed around 7:30 and will sleep until 7:30 or 8:00 in the morning.  She is now down to 1 nap a day and usually sleeps for around 2 to 2 and a half hours (and sometimes less than 2).
This girl is so sweet.  She's already taken on so many nicknames….we are currently calling her 'Em' or 'Emmy.'  Only time will tell which ones sticks!  She keeps us on our toes and isn't the easiest kiddo, but she is so much fun….we can't imagine life without her!

Our Christmas 2015

We celebrated our Christmas on Christmas Eve morning.  The kids were so excited!

We sprinkled reindeer food the night before and set out milk and whatever cookie we could find in the pantry :) 
 Emery admiring the tree...
 Pictures before bedtime!

 We woke up, read the Christmas story out of the bible, then opened presents before breakfast.  The kids woke up so early that morning!

 Ha….I told Emery to smile…..that works :)
 Elli got her American Girl doll!  She's been wanting this doll for a year….this is the girl of the year, so she will go away after New Years.
 Putting legos together
 This girl was into everything….she wanted to play with every toy that was opened by her siblings….and they obviously didn't want her messing with their new things.
 Giving Daddy hugs!
We had a great day!

Christmas Program 2015

Elli and Connor had their Christmas Program a few weeks ago and I was so proud of how well they both did! 

 And yes, we did take a self-timer picture :)

 I was so proud of Elli.  She had been looking forward to this program for weeks and was so excited that she got to lead her class out by holding the star.  She also had a speaking part on the video!  She did such a good job and it was so fun to watch her!

 I loved watching Connor and Avery up on stage for their part of the program.  Luckily, Avery is in his class; otherwise, I would have had no clue what they were singing prior to the program.  Connor doesn't give us many details about school!

 These are some of my favorite pictures!  When Connor gets embarrassed, he sticks his tongue out and opens his mouth.  He spent most of this last song doing this :)
The kids worked so hard on their songs and they both did such a good job!  

Thanksgiving 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

The older kids stayed at Nana and Papa Lindvall's house with their cousins on Thanksgiving evening.  
 My favorite picture….Dane and Elli cuddling while sleeping.  He's so good with the kids.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Random Pictures

Trip to the grocery store!  Emery's first time in the car cart.

 Ice cream after Bubba's first football game!
 Picture Day at Elli's school.  Such a beauty!
 Walk-a-thon at Elli's school!
 Emery loves to be pushed in this doll stroller.

 First time with pig-tails
 Best Friends!  These two love each other! This was after their last game and they both scored a goal!!
 Last football game!
 Connor's trophy

 Shopping with my boy!