The Lindvall Family

The Lindvall Family

Monday, July 18, 2016

Softball 2016

Elli played softball on a team for the first time this past spring.  It was so fun watching her and she absolutely loved playing.  She has already said she wants to play again next year!!  Elli did so well and really improved as the season went progressed.  She had great coaches!!

Fourth of July

Fourth of July quickly became my favorite holiday after we had started traditions over in Columbus.  Things just didn't seem normal this year since we were in a new city, but I'm looking forward to starting new traditions.

We started the holiday with a pool party at Aunt Brenda's house with the Lindvall side of the family.

The two youngest members of the family!  These two cousins are about 5 or 6 months apart.
 Emery skipped her nap this day and was passed out by 5pm.
 The rain ruined our fireworks plans on Sunday, so we watched a movie instead.

 We hung around the house on Monday most of the day and then went to the baseball game in the evening.
 After the game was over, we watched the fireworks at the stadium and then was able to watch a little bit of downtown's fireworks.  Watching Emery watch them will be one of my favorite memories of her.  She loved them and was so in awe of them!  She still talks about the fireworks.
 Here is a random picture of Connor from the weekend.  We've watched a lot of the swimming olympic trials and he thinks he is the next Michael Phelps….even in the bathtub!

Columbus Family Trip 2016

We took the kids over to Columbus last weekend to see their friends.  It was the first time they had been there since Christmas and Elli has asked weekly when she would be able to go visit her best friend.

We went to the zoo on Sunday, as our membership expires at the end of this month.  This will probably be our last trip to that zoo (maybe ever) since it is pretty pricey for us all to go without a membership.  We rode the train, saw the polar bear, black bear, bats, flamingo, snakes, lizards, monkeys, fish, manatees, rode the pirate ride and saw a few other animals.  It was extremely hot and we didn't last more than a few hours.

 Emery absolutely loved the zoo.  The last time she was there was almost a year ago.  She squealed and laughed at just about every animal that she saw.
 Elli doesn't love the pirate ride, so we stood up top and took pictures of Scott, Emery and Connor.
 We tried to get a good picture of all three….
 Next, we picked up Kendyl, Elli's best friend, and met up with some other friends at Max and Erma's for dinner (Elli has also been asking to eat there since we left Columbus).
 Emery and her buddy Lexi...

 We spent Monday swimming with Kendyl, Lindsey, Javen, Jess, and Noah.  The kids held up pretty good considering Elli and Connor were up multiple times talking during the night.

While leaving to go pick Scott up at work, we stopped by to see the Swartz girls.  The kids got to play quickly before heading back to Indiana.
It was a good, short trip!

Father's Day 2016

Father's Day 2016
This guy takes such good care of the four of us!!

Elli- 6 & 1/2 years old

Elli turns 6.5 years old on July 26th and is such a fun, sweet girl!  
 Elli continues to be our best eater out of the three kids.  She is often one of the first done at the dinner table and is really good about trying different things.  We've recently discovered she likes beef jerky and finished a bag within one sitting.  She isn't a huge 'sweets' person and often will pick ice cream over cake.
 Elli continues to take after Scott in personality and sleep habits!  She tends to be a morning person and is extremely chipper the moment she wakes up!  We've had a rule this summer that she isn't allowed to get up before 8 and it has helped her sleep in some!  This morning she didn't wake up until 8:50!!
 Elli loves movies and watching T.V.  She also loves doing crafts.  It isn't uncommon for her to write Scott or I notes or make us cards during the week!  She enjoys dressing up her American Girl dolls, but her most treasured toys are stuffed animals!  She will often make beds for them and takes good care of them!
 To date, Elli has lost 3 bottom teeth! She's getting good at pulling them out when they are ready and loves seeing what the tooth fairy brings her in the mornings.
 Elli continues to love animals and considers Bella one of her best friends.  She takes such good care of her and loves her with everything she has.  She's always thinking of her!  Elli helps us feed her, take her on walks and gives her popsicles on a hot day!
 Elli pretty much gets ready on her own these days.  She always has to brush her hair before we go anywhere, loves to put on some lipgloss, and has to take a peek in the mirror before we leave the house.  She is pretty picky when it comes to what she wears and always seems to have a headband in her hair.  She's counting down the days until she can get her ears pierced!
I can't even put into words how extremely blessed we are to be Elli's parents.  She is so loving, sweet and kind.  She often thinks of others and is usually very willing to help.  She is social and a people pleaser.  Elli is rarely in a bad mood and loves being around people!  She can carry on a conversation with anyone!  Everyone says she looks just like me, but I think she's got her Dad's personality!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Emery 18-23 months

I haven't done the greatest job at posting Emery updates month to month!  She keeps me busy (well, all the kids do!).  

Emery's personality is developing more and more each day!  She's such a sweet girl and loves us fiercely!  She is still very attached to me (and Scott), but is doing so much better going to other people.  
Emery LOVES to go swimming and is always saying 'pool, pool, pool.'  She's going to be devastated when summer is over :)  She loves jumping in the water and enjoys floating around with her puddle jumper or floaties.  She's accidentally gone under a few times (basically jumped in when we've turned our head for .05 seconds) and it doesn't seem to phase her at all.  

 Emery is starting to accessorize more.  She loves trying our shoes on and often tries to wear Elli's shoes (see picture below).  She loves carrying a purse or putting on a bracelet!
 Connor continues to be her best buddy!  She loves him and when he isn't around, she's always asking where he is.  She hugs him nonstop and gives him lots of kisses.  He is usually very good with her, but tends to occasionally get a little rough with the wrestling!
 Emery has taken a few gymnastics classes and loves them.  She thinks she's a real gymnast and loves hanging from the bar or doing summersaults.

 Emery is really starting to talk more.  We're hearing lots of new words each week and some occasional phrases, "I want ____", "I see."  She still gets frustrated, as we don't always understand what she is trying to say. She says purple for every color and loves to try and count.
These days, Emery loves Mickey and Ariel.  She often asks us to draw Mickey and whenever the T.V. is on, she asks to watch Mickey (she says it "Ninnie").  She doesn't say 'Ariel' yet, but will start singing "aaawww" when referring to Ariel.  We're planning a Disney trip a year from this October on the kids'  fall break and I'm hoping she still loves Mickey and Ariel as much as she does now!
Emery loves that her siblings are out of school and often plays with them like she's one of the big kids!  When she wakes up from her nap, she will say "Sissy?" "Bubby?" She always wants to know where they are and thinks she can keep up with them!
Emery loves playing outside, going on bike rides, swinging, going down the slide and riding in her stroller!  She still loves airplanes, boats, busses, balls, and will occasionally play with her baby.  She also loves singing and "Itsy, Bitsy Spider" is currently her favorite song!
Our girl is super sweet and we love watching her grow!!