The Lindvall Family

The Lindvall Family

Friday, March 30, 2012

Siesta Key

We traveled back to Florida on March 20th and Scott was able to come with us this time around. Elli was so excited about going back and was especially looking forward to the plane ride. Our kids definitely know how to fly and did great once again on the flight there and on the way home.
We made it to Florida around 7:40 on Tuesday and arrived at the condo a little after 9:00. Luckily, the kids feel asleep on the drive to the condo and didn't have too much trouble getting back to sleep once we arrived. We crammed a lot into 1 week!

Our first day, the girls, Scott, and Dad spent a little bit of the morning at the park and beach. We then spent the majority of the day at the pool. We couldn't get Elli to put her floaties on during our first trip to Florida a couple weeks ago, but we were successful this trip. And when the floaties were on, she wanted to swim by herself!

After a day of swimming, we went to St. Armands Circle for a little eating, shopping, and ice cream.
A picture of the 2 youngest before the night out!
Elli in her awesome purple shades
All the babies!
Out to Dinner!
Nana B., Elli, & Daddy
Connor looking very handsome
Both babes in the stroller!
Elli posing
Elli and Kensley took turns pushing Connor around in the stroller!

On Thursday, Scott flew out early in the morning to Arizona for work. He spent the whole day in Arizona and took a red-eye that night back to Florida. He made it back to the condo by 8:00 on Friday morning!

While Scott was working, we were playing in the condo....
at the beach....

and at the park....

Mom and Dad watched the kids for Amber, Jeremy, and I while we made a quick trip to the outlets.

Friday was spent primarily at the beach!
This little girl loves playing with her bucket in water and sand.
"Come here water"
The two littlest cousins playing on the beach!

Sitting on the turtle and being bribed with candy to smile! (Notice their tattoo?? So classy!!)

Daddy & Connor enjoying the beach!
Everyone except me playing in the pool! Check out Amber's sweet pose. Ha!

At lunch, Amber, Jeremy, Scott and I went to 'The Hub' for lunch! We spent the rest of the time at the pool. Amber, Jeremy, Kensley, and Avery headed home later that evening.

Saturday was spent at the beach....

And then we went to dinner later that night...
Enjoying the 'fake' animals while we waited to be seated!
I wasn't very lucky in getting a good picture of both kiddos together on this alligator!

After dinner, Dad volunteered to put both kids to bed so Mom, Scott and I could go to the outlets! According to him, bedtime was a success! He was very brave for doing that!!

Sunday was spent at the beach and later that night we attended the drum ceremony! This time, Elli participated and did a little dancing. She is still talking about the drum ceremony and will often dance around like the girls at the drum ceremony!
Some girl gave her shakers....
Sunday was packed full with feeding the birds....
Hanging out on the beach....
Flying a kite (what a big girl!)
Taking many, many pictures (I did a photo shoot on the beach at sunset....I took tons of pictures which I'll post later)

And playing on the beach....
I will post more picture of our 'photo shoot' on the beach later!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

7 months

The past 7 months have gone so fast! Connor is so much fun these days and always wants to be in on the action. He loves watching his sister and gets a huge smile on his face the second he sees her. Connor loves when I sing to him with his favorite song being "5 Little Monkeys" (A positive to having kids so close in age- Elli also loves this song and jumps all around when I start singing it). Patty-Cake tends to be his favorite game and it can usually make him laugh pretty hard.

Connor goes to bed anywhere from 7:00 to 7:30 and sleeps at least 11.5 to 12 hours. His naps aren't always consistent, but he tends to sleep 3 hours during the day with his 2 naps. Connor is really easy going and goes with the flow while we're out and about.

Connor still insists that his bottle be just the right temperature which tends to be a bit frustrating :) Other than his bottle temperature, he is a really easy baby. His eating has fluctuated recently since he's been sick and thankfully he is finally starting to get his appetite back. He got his first taste of real food yesterday- I forgot his baby food when we went out to eat so he enjoyed mac and cheese for dinner and loved it.

Today, Connor went to the nursery for the 1st time during church. Before this week, Connor would always eat and/or sleep during church, so it was just as easy to take him with us in the service. He is getting harder to put to sleep in public, so we just moved up his breakfast and had him skip his nap this morning. He did great and had no problem going to the other ladies in the nursery. We didn't know how he'd do because he is definitely more aware these days when we leave the room or are out of his sight....he usually wants us right there close to him!

We are anxiously awaiting his first tooth, as he has been teething for quite some time. He loves to play with all his toys and they usually end up in his mouth! He is such a sweet little guy....I'm holding onto everyday because he is growing so quickly!!

I started to sing "5 Little Monkeys" in the pictures below....

Happy 7 Months Connor Boy!!