The Lindvall Family

The Lindvall Family

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Big Boy

Guess who sat up for the 1st time today and rolled from his back to his tummy....

You guessed it....this big boy!! Of course we still have to be close by when he is sitting up because he can't sit up for long periods of time. *Disregard his socks that don't match.....Connor and I are going on our 1st shopping trip with some friends in Cincinnati tomorrow and new socks for him will probably be the first thing I buy!

Elli loving on Connor!!

Birthday Celebrations

Around our house, birthdays are a pretty big deal! We had 3 different celebrations for Miss Elli and she enjoyed each one! We had a 'Snow White' birthday party with family on January 21st and Elli was so excited about this. We ended up having the party at my parents house for various reasons. Elli loved the party and she still talks about it like it was yesterday.

In her birthday outfit!! Prettiest Snow White, don't you think?
I had to get a picture of the 2 youngest guests...
Elli with her new bike!
The food....

The kids table...
Getting ready to sing 'Happy Birthday'
She loved it when everyone sang. She had a big smile on her face the whole time...
Blowing out the candles
After nap time, Elli and Kensley played outside in the snow...then played with the birthday balloons. I had to post this picture just to remember this hair....
Connor is so excited to be eating peaches after the party!!
Elli had a great time! She loved playing with all her cousins.
January 26th was Elliana's actual birthday. We started the day by singing 'Happy Birthday' to her in bed and we let her open a card she got in the mail first thing.

She had a special birthday doughnut for breakfast and then opened presents from us.
Trying on her new bag-pack!!

Later that night we took her to Red Robin for dinner! We were all excited for a night out....

We had the waiters and waitresses come and sing to her!! We were cracking up the whole time, as she looked like a deer in headlights!!
We finished celebrating on Saturday by taking her to 'Beauty and the Beast' in the movie theater. This is sort of the 1st movie she's been to (she went to a movie when she was 6 months old, but slept through most of it). I wanted to take both kids on her actual birthday, but the movie times didn't work out.....I'm so glad because I would have hated for Scott to miss out on this...
The movie was 3D and she sat like this for at least the first 10 minutes....I don't think she moved a muscle or blinked an eye. ( is from my phone and I can't figure out how to turn it).

We had quite the celebration and I can't wait to do it again next year!! Thanks to everyone who made it so special for our little 2 year old!!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Elliana

Elliana, this blog post is all about YOU! Happy 2nd birthday! I say this all the time, but the past 2 years have really flown by. Last night, Daddy and I looked through some of your baby pictures....I can barely remember you that small. You are growing and learning new things each day. You love learning and get so excited when you accomplish things! So far, you have mastered all your colors (you've known them for quite some time now) and are doing well learning the names of alphabet letters and counting from 1 to 10 (with a little help). You know your basic concepts (night/day, soft/hard, loud/soft, etc) and do really well at using your prepositions. You continue to communicate with us using single words, but you do have some 2 word phrases (and a 3 word phrase "don't want it"- which we hear all the time). Your expressive language skills have always been a bit behind, but I have no worries that you will catch up soon! There is never a quiet moment with you. You are currently learning to catch a ball and do well at this skill. You continue to amaze us and everyone else that sees you doodling by the way you hold a writing utensil.

I love spending my days with you. You are always right by my side trying to do exactly what I do. Daddy and I are often reminded that we especially need to be extra careful of the things we do and the things we say these days, as you are always watching, listening, and repeating. Whether it comes to feeding Bella, taking care of babies, or anything else -you are sure to do it exactly how we do! Most often, you always are willing to help. You love doing laundry, dusting, wiping the table, helping with Bubba, and so much more. The other day you helped a little too much when I turned my back for just a second and you had taken Connor's diaper off...oops!!

You are with me every second of the day, but when Daddy comes home you don't leave his side. When we asked you the other night who your best friend was, you replied multiple times "Daddy, Daddy!" And yes, he is your best friend. You love when he is home....he can make you laugh like no one else can! You have him wrapped around your finger. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't hear a comment like "I seriously love that girl so much" or "I really think she could win the cutest girl ever award" from him. He is nuts about you and I'm so glad you two have a special relationship.

You continue to love playing dress up with every accessory you own. Snow White and Beauty and the Beast continue to be your favorite thing to watch. I can't wait until you are old enough where we can take you to Disney to see those princesses! You are also still crazy about animals and you love to color and read books. You are getting to the point in some of your books where you can finish the sentences.

(you requested that your hair be in pigtails just like baby Stella's hair...I did the best i could)

Elli, you love things just your way and have no problem telling us if they aren't how you want them. You are extremely routine and I can almost always predict what you will say or do. Whether it be your bedtime, brushing your teeth, or so many other things, everything has to be just so! Lately, with naps you seem to be consistently getting out of your bed at the beginning of nap time, going to your blanket drawer, getting a new blanket and sleeping with it. We've decided to just let you do this, as you typically go right to bed after this. This is just another one of your routines. You tend to have multiple blankets and stuffed animals in your bed and insist on sleeping with them.

Elli, you are so fun and silly! You've got tons of energy...some of your favorite things include running and jumping. Really....sometimes you just start running around the kitchen and living room while saying "runnin', fast, runnin', fast" over and over again while dramatically moving your left arm back and forth. These days you are constantly cracking us up by the things you say or do. You are very expressive in your body movements and inflection in your voice! With each phase I keep thinking 'this is my favorite stage,' but right now at your age....I don't think it could get better than this.

You have an amazing memory and will randomly start talking about something that happened months and months ago. Sometimes you get stuck on a topic and talk about it over and over and over again! You are strong willed and you love teasing everyone.

El, I could go on and on forever. Basically, you are an awesome little girl and you are so special! We are so blessed to have you! Happy Birthday Elli Belly!!

Monday, January 16, 2012

5 months old

Happy 5 month birthday Connor boy! We are definitely out of the 'infant' stage with Connor and have moved into the 'baby' stage. Connor continues to go to sleep around 8 and will sleep until around 7 or 8 in the morning. He still needs his pacifier put back in his mouth 1-3 times throughout the night. Connor is taking about 3 naps during the day with his 1st one being the longest and last 2 are only about an hour long.

The biggest change since last month is how much Connor is eating these days. Often I feel like I can't get enough food down him. We are now supplementing with formula, as I can no longer keep up with how much he is eating. The other morning he took a 9 oz. bottle (which isn't normal), but still describes how much he has been eating lately. He continues to eat every 3 hours during the day and sometimes less. Currently, he is only getting 1 solid feeding each day around 6:00 at night. We are in the process of cycling through all the solid far Connor has had peas, green beans, and sweet potatoes. He has enjoyed each food he has tried, but especially seemed to enjoy his sweet potatoes last night! Here in a couple weeks I will start giving him 2 solid feedings a day.

Here is his 5 month photo shoot....

And Elli had to get involved in this photo shoot....

Happy 5 month birthday Connor Lee!! We are enjoying each and every smile and giggle from you!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012



In 2010 we were blessed with this little girl....

(Notice the 1st picture Elli is wearing slippers to play in the snow?? Well...we figured those slippers would do the best job to keep her feet warm. Anyways....this weekend we finally got her snow pants and snow boots. I let her 'pick' out her new snow clothes (at least she thinks)...I took her to Once Upon a Child and they were the only snow pants and boots that fit, but she LOVES them and they were extremely if only it'd snow)!!

In 2011, we were blessed with this little boy...

(Notice his pacifier?? This little guys LOVES his paci!!)

I can assure you that 2012 will not bring us another baby! I have been pregnant for parts of 2009, 2010, and 2011....we're looking forward to a pregnant-free year!!