The Lindvall Family

The Lindvall Family

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Our Christmas

On Saturday morning, we celebrated Christmas as a family.  Scott and I exchanged a few gifts the night before, so we could mainly focus on the kids in the morning. 

  We once again had to wait on Connor to wake up to start our Christmas morning (last year was no different....Connor likes to sleep in!) To get our morning moving (we had a 3 hour drive that day and lots of packing to do), we decided to read the Christmas story from Elli's bible while Connor was eating.  We had doughnuts for breakfast, which are the kids' favorite.

 Connor opening his first present.  He was so excited!

 Do you see this look on his face?  He couldn't wait to get the plane out.  He didn't play with plane the rest of the day.

 Elli was so excited to get a digital camera for Christmas, but her favorite gift was a microphone.  We've all had quite a bit of fun with that made the 3 hour trip home not so miserable.  However, if you ask the kids and Scott they might say different....mama had the microphone most of the time :/ what can I say, it's a lot of fun!

 A little photoshoot in front of the Christmas tree.  They are both smiling for the picture (or just laughing at Scott)!!

Christmas Program

Elli had her preschool Christmas program this past Friday.  We were really excited for it! 

 Her class sat around the Christmas tree and sang 5 songs.  She sang all, but the first song.  It was a short program, but very fun to watch.
 With her teachers
 After the program, we went to the lounge to eat treats and make a craft.
 The mom who showed up with snowmen on a stick (aka...powdered sugar doughnuts) won the prize for the  most popular treat.  I think every kid picked the doughnuts over the cookies. 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Scott has been as sick as he's ever been, so I've been trying to keep the kids busy so they'll let him rest.  That and I'd rather take healthy kids to Indiana for once rather than sick kids.  Our schedule is quite busy next week and I'm pretty sure we'll be putting lots of miles on our minivan (if we ever get it back....some guy hit it in the parking lot and we're not quite sure if it'll be done or not).  We will be fitting in 7 Christmas celebrations!  Just for documentation sake (for me), here is our busy, busy week.... 
December 22: Our Christmas in Columbus
December 23: Zurcher Christmas
December 24: Wamsley Christmas
December 25: Breakfast with Lindvalls', afternoon with Brauchlers'
December 26: Travel day to Ohio
December 27th: Brauchler Christmas in Mansfield
December 28: Travel day back to IN
December 29: Lindvall Christmas #1
December 30: Lindvall Christmas #2

Not to mention, the days we're back in Ohio....Scott might then be traveling back to Columbus to work while I stay in Mansfield.

Anyways, here are some pictures of Connor's first painting craft!  We'll be working on some more painting this afternoon to try and keep the kids away from Scott while he gets some rest.  I think the past couple trips to IN that we've made, Connor has been I really hope I can keep him healthy, so people will actually get to see his fun personality. 


Everyone Loves Santa.....
 Or Maybe Not

 After we got Connor off of Santa's lap, Elli was able to have some time with Santa to tell him what she wanted.  She told him she wanted a pack-n-play for her babies to sleep in and rocking chair to rock her babies.  I'm not quite sure Santa will be able to deliver all those request this year!
 Trying to get a good picture of the kids in front of the tree....completely unsuccessful!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Singing on Stage

On Sunday, Elli and her other preschool friends sang at the church where she goes to preschool.  Scott and I were so excited (he insisted on getting an almost front row seat to get a good view of the stage for video taping).  The day before she told me, "I'll probably sing on stage like a princess."

Here are some pictures of the kids before we left for the church....

Yep, I just gave up!  Connor has been waking up earlier lately (around 7) and it's been hard to hold him off until after lunch for a nap.  I thought we were over the transition to one nap, but it looks like I was wrong!  

Elli went right up on stage when they told them to come hesitation....She is on the 2nd row and the 2nd kid from the right....

So, for the majority of the time....Elli turned around and faced the wrong direction.  But, as you can see in the picture below, she was so proud of herself.  After church, we ran to the grocery to get some food....she made sure to tell a stranger "I sing on stage."

Next Friday is her 'real' Christmas Program at school.  We're so excited to go watch her and then have a cookie party with all the other preschool kids and their family that will attend the performance!  

Date Night #2

It was my turn to take Elli out on a date and we decided to bring along some of our friends.  We went to 'Snowflake Castle' in Westerville while Daddy and Connor went shopping.  Our first stop of the night was to see Santa.  Elli was so scared, but went up to him and sat on his lap like a pro (we have a picture, but it was one they gave us at the place....too lazy to scan the picture).

Siena and Elli outside of 'Santa's House'

Mommy and Elli  (Do we look alike?? Just the other day I had about 7 different people tell me Elli looks exactly like me)

We then had to wait in an extremely long line to pick out a toy.  An 'elf' then helped her build the toy....She loved it and was such a pro!!  

Last, Elli painted her toy!

After our night at the 'Snowflake Castle', I gave Elli the choice of going out to dinner or going over to Siena's house for pizza.  She of course picked Siena's house!  Siena has one specific baby that Elli loves playing with!  We had a good night!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Connor insisted on wearing the mask during his breathing treatment the other day. 

I am happy to report that Connor got a clean bill of health today at the doctor's office!!  He's really been feeling so much better since Tuesday of this week.  He has been laughing, smiling, and eating!!  It has really felt like forever since he's been himself.  The sickness and teething have been around for a little over a month now!

Elli wanted to pose for the camera....
 Elli got these Christmas PJ's when she was a year old for her first Christmas (They are size 2T).  Although they are a bit small, she can still fit into them!!

Posing again! 

Zoo Lights

We followed up Elliana and Daddy's date on Friday night by going to the zoo on Saturday.  Our zoo decorates the whole place with lights and even has a light show with music.  We had great weather for it; however, both of our kids weren't feeling the best.  We still managed to have some fun!

Waiting for our friends to get to the zoo.  Elli got a little impatient and wanted to go unwrap the presents.

We had to take a ride on the merry-go-round

Unfortunately, these are all the pictures we took!!

Date Night

Scott and Elli went on a date to the Columbus Commons on Friday night.  I took her to Scott's office on Friday and picked her up some McDonalds at her request on the way.  The Columbus Commons was having a tree lighting, carousel rides, petting zoo, and so much more!  It was apparently packed, but they still had a lot of fun!

This is Elli's excited look....

So excited to be on a date with Daddy

Riding the carousel!  She got on her favorite horse (she rides this horse every time she goes on this carousel)!

I had to post this picture...Apparently, from a ways away, this green thing looked like the grinch (clearly it wasn' was an alien).  Well, Elli loves all things scary...she is STILL talking about the 'grinch.'  (She has even requested to have a witch birthday party....I think I've finally convinced her that we should have a Beauty and the Best Party).

Another one of her favorite things to do that night...Feed the animals!!

Elli and Scott had such a good time on their date!  Ever since they got back, Elli and Connor have been playing 'date.'  Elli will say they are going on a date, they'll give me a kiss 'good-bye', and then they'll walk around the house together.