The Lindvall Family

The Lindvall Family

Thursday, August 29, 2013

2nd Birthday

 We decided to start Connor's birthday celebration by taking him to see the movie, Planes.  This probably wasn't the smartest decision seeing as how we had just gotten home from vacation the day before!  He didn't want to sit very still and we had to wake him up after a 3 hour nap to take him!

We made a last minute decision to have his birthday party at my parents house since we are currently trying to sell our home.  As a result, my grandma and grandpa Brauchler couldn't come.  Instead, they came to Columbus on Thursday night to help us celebrate!  We did a little shopping and went out to dinner (complete with the waiters/waitresses singing happy birthday to him)!  

Here he is opening up some gifts from them and us!

We headed to Marion on Friday and ate dinner at Mcdonalds (his favorite) and then went to the Big Dipper for ice cream.

Waiting for their ice cream....

 His tractor party was the next morning at my parents.  I had everything ready to make his cake, but decided against it due to all that we had going on!

 I loved watching him open up his gifts!  He didn't know which to play with and kept wanting everything opened.  
 The girls singing 'Happy Birthday.'
 The Food
 Elli holding the youngest guest (her babies are now named baby Maddy.  Multiple times a week she'll say, 'I just had a baby and her name is Maddy.)
 The cake....
 Blowing out his candle....his favorite part!
 What's a party without water balloons!
Thanks for all those that came out to celebrate, for the gifts, and cards!  Connor had a great time!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

2 years old

Connor Lee,

You are 2 years old and we can't believe how quickly time has past since you were born!  You are at such a fun age right now!  You are talking up a storm right now using anywhere between 2 to 6 word phrases!  We can now carry on a 'conversation' with you!  The other night you and daddy went to a work function and when you came home you were able to tell me what all you did there!  Although you are such a talker, you continue to call airplanes "mmmmmmm" and we love it!  You'll say "mommy, look mmmmmm."  And the way you say 'lemonade' is enough to make us melt!

You and your sister have become best friends.  Really, when she isn't in the room, you often say "Where sissy go?"  I think you might have trouble in a few weeks when she is off at school!  You guys do still fight some, but these days it always seems like you are playing together!

One thing I love about you, is your appreciation for sleeping in!  This also means that you like to stay up late.  You get this from me!!  You still take about a 2 hour (sometimes more) nap each day!  When we put you to bed, you willingly go; however, you have to turn on your nightlight, climb up on our lap  yourself, and get in bed yourself.  We still sing about 2 songs before we put you to bed each time while we rock.  Big sis tends to join us and we will willingly do this until you no longer want to.  

You are a sensitive little guy and when you get in trouble you usually start crying.  If Daddy yells at you, you usually come running to me to tell me that daddy yelled at you and you do the same if I yell at you.  Lately, I've been hearing "No Mommy yell me" while you shake your head no (meaning no mommy don't yell at me) with big crocodile tears streaming down your face.  We are entering the stage where we are seeing some more meltdowns from you.  Luckily they aren't too bad, but you have no problem telling us when you aren't thrilled with something.

We are still potty training.  You do well and I can keep you dry pretty much all day with the exception of don't really like to go on the potty in the afternoon for some reason.  And when you go number 2 these days, you often tell me "I need to go poop" after you've already gone.  When I change you after a bowel movement, you always, always want to look at it and then it always evokes the same response "that yucky.  ewwwwwwwww."

You love your choo choos, trucks, cars, tractors, and airplanes!  You do so well playing by yourself and with Elli.  Like your sister, you have become fascinated with all things scary and love looking at the villains in disney movies. Your favorite food these days is french fries.  You also love to eat cereal in the usually takes you about 30 to 45 minutes to eat breakfast each morning and it drives me crazy!!!! 

You are a daddy's boy one day and a momma's boy the other.  You still stick your finger in your nose when you are uncomfortable and you love your sweets.

Connor, you are sweet, funny, special, loving, happy, cute and silly.  And we are so thankful you are ours.  Happy 2nd birthday, big boy!!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Cousin Party Dale Hollow

The last night at Dale Hollow, we had a 'cousin party' in our room!  I was able to get some good picture of all 4 of them together and I took so many that I decided to dedicate a whole post for it....

Dale Hollow

We spent the last week in TN at Dale Hollow!  There were seventeen of us total that went.  Elli had the time of her life....really....probably the best week she's had to date.  She loved playing with everyone, got to stay up late, swam all week, and even skipped the majority of her naps.  She went tubing, rode the jet ski, jumped off the side of the boat, swam, and even went down the slide off the boat once.  

On the other hand, Connor was a different story!  Connor started getting sick the Wednesday before we left.  By Tuesday, he'd had a fever for 5 days, so we figured we'd take him to a Dr. to get him checked out.  Turns out he had bronchitis and an allergic reaction to something.  Although the meds helped break his fever by the next day, he still acted like he wasn't feeling well.  This boy was ready to head home earlier than what we planned.  By Friday, we decided to not give him his steroid to see if that would help!  And sure enough, his mood was a lot different and he didn't seem as agitated!  On this last day, he discovered that he loved the jet ski and kept wanting to ride the "new boat."  

Here was our week in pictures...

I stayed back with the 'sick boys' one morning....
Ha....Scott's face says it all!  Connor was throwing a fit....
Elli became our little swimmer....
Elli's first time on the jet ski
Elli's first time tubing....
Where Connor spent most of his week....on Daddy
Elli and Kayla making dessert.  Elli followed Kayla around all week long!
Playing Badminton 

A smile from Connor on our last day!!

Heath and Connor
Nana and Papa and all the grandkids
All the kiddos
Elli and wish Kayla lived closer!!