The Lindvall Family

The Lindvall Family

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Elli's birthday parties

Elli had quite the celebration for her 7th birthday.  On Sunday (January 22nd), Elli and a few of her friends went to MyArt to paint pictures.  Elli had wanted to draw and paint the dolphin picture and this turned out to be harder than expected.  The girls all did a great job and Elli had so much fun at her party.

On Monday, we celebrated with my side of the family.  We had dinner, cake and let the kids play.
Elli had gymnastics on her actual birthday.  We picked up Culver's on the way home from her class and opened gifts.  Our neighbor's birthday is also on the 26th, so she made Elli a cake and we got to have that when we got home.
 Elli & Emery dressed alike....getting ready for gymnastics!
On Saturday, we celebrated Elli and Papa Lindvall's birthdays together.  Elli had requested she celebrate her birthday with him.  The kids decorated cookies, played outside and we had a big lunch.

New Year's Day

We were stuck in the house over New Year's, as Elli had come down with the stomach flu again.  We managed to make gingerbread houses and the kids had a blast making them!

Ice Skating

We've taken the kids ice skating twice this January and they are hooked.  Elli and Connor both started out hanging on the wall and have both learned to skate without holding on to anything.  They love ice skating!