The Lindvall Family

The Lindvall Family

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

9 year anniversary

On June 3rd, Scott and I celebrated our 9 year anniversary!  We've had a lot going on in the past 9 years and I have no doubt that the next 9 years will be just as exciting!  Scott is the hardest worker I've ever seen, best Daddy, and a great husband.  In the past few years, I've seen him make some tough decisions for the betterment of our family of 5.  I have no clue what the next 9 years holds….I'm just glad I'll be doing life with this guy!!

We celebrated with dinner together (after the kids were in bed) on our anniversary and….
 this past Saturday went to see cirque du soleil and had a romantic dinner at Arby's on the way to the show (that's what happens when you have 3 kids, new babysitter and are running late to the show :/)
Here's to another 60 more…...

10 Months Old

Our sweet little girl is officially in double digits as of June 5th!  I can't believe how quickly her first birthday is approaching!  She has the biggest, toothy grin!

Emery is now crawling (as of May 26/27) and is all over the place….we can't keep her out of stuff.  She is also starting to pull herself up on things!  

We are slowly starting the process of taking away her bottles.  She does great drinking out of a sippy cup and using a straw, but will not drink milk out of either of those.  We've taken away her mid-afternoon bottle, so she is now down to 3 bottles a day of breastmilk.  She loves to eat, but is starting to show some preference towards things.  She isn't a huge fan of bread or eggs.  Some of her favorites are mac and cheese (she looooves this), meatloaf, green beans, yogurt, bananas, goldfish, hot dogs and veggie straws.  

Emery still loves bath time and loves being in a pool.  Connor can always get a smile out of her and she is always giving him kisses or hugs when he's around him.  She is very attached to me and is constantly whining for me when she sees me…even if Scott has her.  She loves playing with balls and giving kisses and hugs.  Emery will occasionally dance to music.  She babbles constantly and has a very loud voice!!  

Emery's sleeping has been somewhat inconsistent due to teeth and being sick.  She has 4 teeth, but we think she's working on #5 and #6.  She's been waking up around 6:15ish and goes to bed at 7 each night.  She takes a longer morning nap and shorter afternoon nap.  

These photoshoots are starting to get very difficult….
Happy 10 months, pretty girl!!

Indy 500

Scott, Elli and Connor went to the Indy 500 a few weeks ago.  It was Elli and Connor's first trip and it couldn't have gone any better.  Emery and I decided to stay here and we also had a good weekend!  It was so nice to just be able to focus on just her for a few days!  Scott and the kids woke up early Sunday morning to meet his dad, brother, Vander and Dane.  Connor slept for about an hour during the race, but Elli stayed awake the whole day.  They made it back home that night around 9:00.  

Both kids had a great time!  Connor is now all about race cars and plays with his cars probably everyday.  He has now decided he wants a race car birthday party instead of a pirate party :)  I'm pretty sure from now on our memorial weekend will include a trip to Indianapolis for the 500.

Here are pictures from the day: