The Lindvall Family

The Lindvall Family

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Emery update

This girl is getting so big I can hardly stand it!  Emery's had a few big things happen within the past couple of weeks.  We said 'goodbye' to her pacifiers on September 7th (labor day) and haven't looked back!  She's done awesome without them!!  Out of all the kids, she's loved them the most, slept with numerous ones, and always knew where they were.  We put her to bed on labor day, she cried for a few minutes, rolled all around and eventually went to bed.  Since then, she has cried a few times I've put her to bed, but wow….she's done so great.  Emery is now attached to her 'niney' and has to have it to sleep!  

This big girl also took her first steps on Labor Day.  This child definitely has a mind of her own and is doing things in her own time.  She continues to get better each day….she will walk to us, but doesn't take more than a few steps….I think she's been up to 6 steps at one time!  She has learned to crawl up on the ottoman and does so often.
We continue to put her in the nursery at church and she is really doing so well in there.  Although she prefers to be with me when I'm around, she is getting better at not having so much stranger anxiety.  Even my friend said yesterday, "wow….she just seems so much happier"  and she's so right.  She will even occasionally let me leave to room and go do something without following me.  She currently has a stomach bug or is getting teeth….so she's been a little off today. 

Emery still loves Connor.  The picture below is her waking him up from a nap.  She gets so excited when she sees him and loves to crawl all over him.  She gives him about 100 hugs when she see him after nap.  This past week she's also really shown an interest in Elli.  While Scott was away this week, Elli was such a big helper and played so well with her.  I think Emery loved it because Elli can now get her to laugh!
 Emery also had her first dentist appointment!  I took the other two kids to the dentist on September 16th and the dentist mentioned that she could get her first cleaning that day if I wanted.  So, she did!  She either has or is getting her two top and two lower molars!  This girl has a mouth full of teeth!
 Elli and I were doing nails the other day and decided that it was time for Emery to get her first pedicure!  She loved it!!  She kept holding up her foot to show us all night!
Emery is really trying to talk to us these days!  She signs 3 words, barks like a dog, and grunts and points ALL.THE.TIME.  She can also say "mama," "dada," and "ball."  We still think she says bella, but it sounds more like "buh buh."  

Emery's the sweetest and we're so thankful for her!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Soccer & Flag Football

 Elliana decided this fall that she would like to try and play soccer.  She's never played before, but has been so excited to go to each practice and game.  She either has practice or sometimes games on Wednesdays and usually a game on Saturday.  This past week she had 3 games and this week she has a practice and 2 games this weekend.  She is the only person on her team that has never played before and we're so proud of her effort each game and practice!!

 Game time!  Go England!!
 Nana and Papa showed up for her game on Saturday morning!

 Connor has been asking to play football since last year!  He is finally old enough to play and has been so excited!!  He plays for the Packers, wears a mouth guard and cleats.  It seems pretty official to me :)  He has practice each Sunday a half an hour before his game and then plays at 2:00.  We're so proud of the effort he puts into each game & practice!!  Nana and Papa came to his game on Sunday, but I forgot to get a picture of Connor with them.

Shaking hands with the other team….

One of the dads on Connor's football team takes video and makes a mini movie of their game.  So cool.

Preschool for Connor

Connor had his first day of 3-day preschool on September 8th.  This year is so much different than last year.  He was so excited to go to school!  He seems to enjoy his class and teachers!  He looked so big walking down the hall with his book bag!  One thing that hasn't changed….he still wants to give me a hug and kiss before he walks into this class….and this year….he insists on giving Emery a hug and kiss also!  His teacher's name is Mrs. Payne.

(Connor was able to bring a favorite toy or picture on his first day of school to show his friends.  He picked toothless to bring to school).

We're so excited for another great year of preschool for this kiddo.

Emery's Surgery

Emery hard surgery on her umbilical hernia on August 18th.  Typically, they do not fix the umbilical hernias in kids until they are 3 to 5 years old; however, they said Emery's would never close on it's own and they felt like they needed to repair it soon after she turned 1.  

Emery wasn't allowed any food after midnight and was only able to have apple juice or water until 7:30 am.  We arrived at the hospital around 8:30 in the morning and she went back for her surgery around 10:30. 

She did pretty good with no food or drink until about the last hour when she really started to get hungry.  
 We tried everything to keep her entertained….the wait was long, as this girl needed a nap and was hungry.  
Emery finally fell asleep on me a few minutes after 10.  

 They were right on schedule and took her back at 10:30.  
Emery did awesome with the surgery.  She never needed the prescription pain meds they gave her….she just needed Advil for the first couple days after surgery.  Such a tough little girl!!  She is now sporting an outie belly button….if you look close you can still see the scars, but I'm confident that over the following months you won't even be able to tell she had an umbilical hernia!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Elliana started Kindergarten on August 17th.  We are already on our 4th official week.  She loves her teacher, Miss Gill, and is already learning so much!  She looks so big walking up to the Kindergarten line each day!  She has had gym and library a few times.  At this time, I'm pretty sure these are the only specials that she will have.  I drop her off every morning around 8:50 and pick her up around 11:40.  She has a poem she has to memorize each week, 3-4 pages of math homework, and usually another homework project.  We've been spending our Friday afternoon working on her homework, so we don't forget about it!

Elli getting ready to go to meet the teacher on August 11th.

 Sitting at her desk and standing in front of her locker.
 Elli before her 'gentle start' on August 13th.

 Elli and her teacher….
 Finally, her first official day….

When she got in the car after her first day she said "Mom, I had a great day."  She's loved every second of it since!  I have no doubt that she's going to have a great Kindergarten year!  We've missed her while she is at school….especially her little brother!!