The Lindvall Family

The Lindvall Family

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Elliana turned 16 months old last week! The 2nd year seems to be going just as quick as the 1st year. I know I say this all the time, but I can't believe how old she is getting! We had a busy weekend and are still trying to get caught up!

This is what happens when you take a 16 month old and an almost 19 month old to a nice restaurant.

And since I didn't get any good pictures of Elli this weekend, here is a picture of Kensley and I (who will be a big sister any day now....hoping she doesn't become a big sister until next week....We'd really like to go out for our 5 year anniversary this Friday and we'll lose our babysitters if it happens sometime this week. Just hold off a little longer, Amber!)


The next couple pictures were taken on my phone. Elli is a wild sleeper. Yes, we still go in and check on her before we go to sleep....usually we cover her up with a blanket if she isn't already. We love seeing her different sleeping positions.
This picture was taken last night. She loves that blanket!!

This was taken a couple weeks ago.

We took a trip to Easton a few weeks ago to show her the big train and let her run through the fountains (Easton has a designated area where kids can run through all the fountains).

And just in case you've forgotten how sweet this little laugh is......

Notice the fingernail polish on her toes? She kept pointing to my painted toes this morning....I asked her if she wanted to me to paint hers and she said "YEAH!" She sat so still and kept picking out different colors to put on her toes. I love having a girl!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Elliana is growing up too quickly. I think this weekend we realized just how big Elli is getting! We almost have a 16 month old...a 16 month old!! I can't believe it....I wish time would slow down for just a bit. Elli is doing great and loving all this warm weather we've had the past couple weeks. She loves playing outside and it is hard to get her in once she's been out for some time. The second we pull in the garage she immediately points to the basketball and football on the shelf and wants down the second you get her out of the car.

We've managed to keep sickness out of this house for quite some time now. However, Elli came down with a fever last night and still has one today (she has been fever-free for a month now....the longest stint we've gone in some time). We are thinking it is just teeth, as she's been consistently getting some over the past month and drooling pretty badly. Elli's done pretty good with teething, but her molars have caused her some pain!

We spent the majority of our weekend outside (beautiful weather....horrible for my allergies). Elli and I started the weekend off by going to the zoo with our friend Carrie and her son, Gavin. Gavin is almost 8 months old and weighs just about as much as Elli. The zoo was packed....we unfortunately picked the same day to go as most field trips in central Ohio. We had a good time and I was completely exhausted after only a couple hours. I was hoping Elli would take a good nap for me when we got home, but the 20 minute nap she got on the way to the zoo was the only sleep she got that day.

A picture of Elli and Gavin at the zoo. They don't look like they are enjoying themselves, but they really did. I took this picture right as we got in the zoo and I think they both were a little overwhelmed at how many people were there!


We cleaned on Saturday morning (I'm afraid the nesting has begun...BUT I managed to clean all the rooms upstairs and clean all the carpets!) and then walked to our local park. At this point, Elli wasn't in the best mood....we should have just gone after her nap, but we tried to fit it in before nap.

She enjoyed her ride without her hat on.....

And then got mad when I made her wear it. She has my complexion and will need sunscreen and a hat every time she's out this summer. She managed to get sunscreen in her eyes again by rubbing her eyes. We got some water on a paper towel and put it on her eyes once we got to the park, but as you can see in the following pictures....her eyes were still bothering her.

When did she get to be so big?? Check out her new big girl shoes!! I brought these home on Thursday night and she started stomping all around in them like she didn't know how to walk in them. Then she didn't want to wear the shoes, so we made a huge deal about how they were new, big girl shoes! She then loved them....started running all around, jumping, and wouldn't take them off.

Climbing up the stairs to go down the slide! The park was SO busy this day....she waited and waited for the swing (really....she just stood there and was so sad....she wanted on that swing so badly), but never got to ride it because of how many kids were there.

Elli started getting her fever on Sunday afternoon. She didn't have much of an appetite, so being the responsible parents that we are....we took her to get ice cream....because...well....I was craving it. It was a new place that we had found last weekend and it is yummy! That sure made Elli feel better! On the way home we drove through our neighborhood and looked at everyones swing sets planning the one we will build for Elli. I hope the park will not be as busy all summer as it was this weekend!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Random Updates

Elli continues to grow and develop daily! She is an active little girl that is always on the move. She just recently mastered jumping with both feet coming off the ground together. She got a little taste of what a trampoline was like while we were at my staff meeting for work yesterday. Elli loved the trampoline in the occupational therapy gym and many more OT related activities.

Elli's speech is developing....just a little slower that we'd like. Elli is now effectively telling us "no" and we often hear this when she is getting ready to go to bed, take a nap, or like tonight- when she didn't want to eat her pizza (who doesn't want papa johns pizza????). She is saying "da" for "dog" and can pick out a dog anywhere. And using "mo" for "more" (along with her sign), mama, dada, yeah, no, "I" for "hi," and "dah" or "dow" for "down. She is still using her signs. We've noticed some frustration, as Elli tries to tell us what she wants, but can't effectively communicate it.

Elliana is all girl! Her outfit is typically not complete with out the appropriate accessory- her necklaces. If she sees me putting on a necklace, she thinks she has to have one too! One of her favorite activities is "helping" me put on make-up. She likes to dig through my make-up bag to find the right colors for her! I take the make up (with the lids on) and touch her face in the right places....she gets a huge smile on her face, as she thinks she has a face full of make-up. She loves chapstick and I have appropriately taught her how to smack her lips together to make sure the chapstick evenly spreads on her lips :) She needs product on her hair if she sees me put some on mine (obviously we just pretend we are squirting it) and enjoys a good purse. Lotion is a necessity if she sees it out on the counter or sees me put it on. She is a good mom to her baby doll and has just recently started smacking her lips while giving the baby a bottle or some food (which I think is incredibly cute).

Elli continues to rely on her "niney" or blanket for comfort. I found a pacifier behind her crib and I was curious to see what she'd do with it since she hasn't had hers for quite some time. She got a huge smile on her face when I handed it to her and then proceeded to give it to a baby doll. I was really happy to see her do this....hopefully she'll be a big help when her little brother gets here by giving him his paci.

I haven't done a great job at pictures this week. I meant to get some good pictures of Elli in her new wagon (thanks Nana and Papa Lindvall), but it has been raining ever since Saturday evening. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate for this weekend because I know Elli will want to take a couple rides in it.

Here are some pictures of Elli before church on Sunday. Her Nana and Papa Lindvall got this dress for her and I think it is so cute. She looks like a little doll and we got a lot of compliments on it at church on Sunday. She wasn't cooperating with pictures, so we had to give her Scott's phone to keep her still....

Obviously laughing at Bella. She loves her dog. We've practiced singing "Happy Birthday" to Bella many times today. Bella celebrates her 3rd birthday on Saturday!

And the photo shoot was over. Elli became too interested in the camera and wanted to sit on my lap to look at the pictures....

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

These days Elli keeps us laughing much of the day. She is getting such a personality and understands so much of what we say. If you ask her where her "poo poo" is she will lift up her skirt or put her hand right on her bottom. Sometimes we ask her if she has to "poo poo" and we get a big grunt out of her. It is the funniest thing. I could tell story after story, but I'm exhausted right now! She still loves dancing and also enjoys singing! Going outside to play is a favorite activity.

Recently, I've taped 2 episodes of sesame street not knowing if this is something she would actually sit and watch (she has yet to sit down for more than 3 or so minutes to watch a t.v. show). Well....she LOVED them....we only watched certain parts of each episode for only about 15 minutes. Cookie monster and Elmo have become 2 very close friends of hers and she enjoys seeing their face whenever possible.

Elli has become quite the helper. She enjoys sweeping the floor, helping put laundry in the dryer, folding clothes (obviously this means that I usually have to fold the clothes 2 different times), handing me clothes while I hang them up, putting away food in the fridge, throwing away trash, and so much more. She helped us plant some vegetables tonight and loved watering them with her own watering can. I'd say she's earning her keep around this house :)

I had a really great mother's day weekend! We started the weekend out with a ride in the "wagon" around the neighborhood. We got a lot done around the house on Saturday and went out to dinner that night. Elli did great at dinner; however, I unfortunately started feeling sick right as we sat down. I then spent the rest of the dinner having some pretty strong braxton hicks contractions.....this guy definitely didn't want us to forget he was there. I felt much better after I relaxed that night and drank lots of water.

We will be getting Elli a wagon of her own soon. This is Scott's lawn cart!

Elli and I on Mother's Day....

Little princess in her church outfit! I took her to the toddler classroom and I heard one of the women tell the other workers "She's so sweet....she never cries." I laughed and told them they must be thinking of another child! Never cries??

"Hi Mom!" Elli took more rides in her "wagon."

We played outside for quite a while on Sunday. Our neighbor's 2nd grade kid came and played with her for a while. She was fascinated by him and completely forgot that I was there. She wanted nothing to do with me and everything to do with him. Hmmm....a crush?


Pictures with my girls for mother's day!!

After playing outside and running errands, Scott and Elli got an ice cream cake for me! He knows how much I LOVE ice cream cakes!!

They spoil me way too much!

Elli enjoyed the ice cream cake just as much as we did!


I'm beginning to discover all the things that Columbus has to offer for toddlers. Our usual trip to the library for circle time on Tuesdays has been put on hold until June. The library takes a break during May for circle time. I signed us up for a free class today at a place called "My Little Gym." It was basically a 45 minute gymnastic class for toddlers. Elli was all over the place and loved everything! I told Scott we will definitely be enrolling her in a little gymnastics class in a couple years.

We've also been going to the mall to play in the play area and over to the park when the weather is good. This Friday we are going with one of my friends and her son to a coffee shop where they have music and story time for kids. There are a couple other places I want to try out, but next week we are pretty much booked. I have to take Elli into work on Monday for a meeting (ha....we'll see how that goes) and then we have plans to go to the zoo with one of my friends later in the week. I'm really enjoying all these activities with my little girl!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

15 months old

Elliana is 15 months old and sadly I didn't even realize this until later in the week last week (to say I've been busy at work is an understatement. Lately, all of Elli's naptime and during the evening is spent doing work....I should be working now, but I'm not motivated at all....tomorrow will be a long night!). Time is going so quickly and she is growing up so fast!

We went to Elli's 15 month dr. appointment last week and she passed with flying colors. The nurse practitioner (our dr. was out for the morning) recommended we go see an opthamologist because of Elli's astigmatism. And then I recommended to the NP that Elli get an audiological evaluation because of her history of ear infections, constant colds (meaning possible fluid behind her eardrum), and speech production :) She thought this was a good idea and would ease my mind. Elli did GREAT at her appointment and loved playing with the NP and nurse. She cried for a bit after her shots and then I mentioned fruit snacks....this quickly changed her mood. are her stats:

Elli is 30 1/4 inches (50-75%) and 20 lbs. 12 oz. (25-50%). She's never been this high on the growth charts for height!!

The big thing we've noticed this past week has been Elli's independence. She started using forks and spoons (with help) during eating the last week or so and has loved it. This occasionally causes some difficulty during eating, as she wants to do it ALL on her own and doesn't want any help. I've also noticed the past few days that she doesn't want to drink out of her straw/sippy cup, but wants to drink out of a regular cup if she sees it on the table. Elli also wants get herself dressed without help. She doesn't quite understand that she needs help. She would try all day long to put clothes/socks/shoes on if I let her. Elli was successful at putting her shirt over her head the other day, but that only happened once....I think this gave her confidence a boost.

I introduced Elli to the dollar store today and I've never seen anyone so excited in there before (this could be because she had chocolate chip banana bread for her snack....the recipe calls for a little bit of coffee and 1 cup of chocolate chips....I accidentally put the whole bag of chocolate chips in....opps. She was hyper! She went crazy over the toy aisle and had to show me every balloon in the store. I was going to buy her a balloon, but told Scott I wanted him to go back with us this weekend to pick one out just so he could see her reaction. She wanted everything!!

Look at her little smile. She is on cloud nine in the picture because I let her pick up our other camera for a second. Anytime she gets a hold of something she isn't supposed to have (car keys, remote, phone) she comes up to us and gives us a kiss....kind of like her "thank you." Our friend, Faith, gave Elli her phone on Monday night and Elli gave her a "thank you" kiss and then was attached to her the rest of the night.


We are ready for some nice, sunny weather! This girl loves her accessories.....

I am excited to spend another Mother's Day with Elli this Sunday. It is so crazy to me that next year I will have 2 little ones to help me celebrate Mother's Day. We've already booked our weekend full of work to do around the house (and taking a little break to help our friends move). I asked Scott the other night if he thought 15 weeks sounded like a long time from now....we both agreed that it doesn't sound far away at all (this baby will be here before we know it)! I don't think I'm in the nesting phase yet; however, i could have fooled anyone by the way I was scrubbing, yes I mean scrubbing the kitchen and cleaning out the cabinet going through the list of things yet to be done this past Sunday. I'm excited to get all these things done around the house, so we can enjoy some rain-free weather (whenever that may be)!

And to answer the million dollar question (because I think someone new asks me this daily)....What is this little guy's name? Well....we have a list of a few names we like, but still have no clue what his name will be. Scott has just recently been calling him a specific name (one that probably isn't my top pick, but I wouldn't yet rule it out), but we will probably wait until we see the little guy to figure out what his name will be. We are pretty sure on a middle name, but not 100%. We're not against telling everyone his name, but we really just don't know yet :)