The Lindvall Family

The Lindvall Family

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A few pictures

Just a couple pictures to post today! Elli got sent home from daycare last Wednesday with a fever. Luckily, Scott was able to stay home with her on Thursday while I went to work. I ended up getting whatever she had this weekend and am still dealing with it today. It seems that sickness has flooded our house lately and at least 1 of us is sick each week. We are looking forward to spring and were disappointed to see the snow falling last night. HURRY UP SPRING! So....instead of spending her naptime blogging or cleaning, I'm actually going to just sit and watch a movie! But here are a couple pictures from this week....

Elli tends to give us huge smiles while eating!

We try and take advantage of every warm day we've had recently! Going outside to play on Friday!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!! Elli and I have had such a great Valentine's day! We spent the whole day playing and then Elli took a marathon nap (2.5 hours) this afternoon!!!!

Elli will have quite an exciting week. I picked her up from daycare last Thursday and found a sign on her locker saying "Congratulations, your child has met her milestones and is ready to move up to the toddler room." I told Scott and he said the exact thing I was thinking "Can Miss Maureen move up with her?" Miss Maureen is one of the teachers in Elli's room. She LOVES Maureen and instantly goes to her once we drop her off. The transitioning will begin this week and it will probably be a couple weeks before she is in the toddler room full-time. I hope she will enjoy this room.

These days, Elli's favorite things are playing with her baby and watching videos on the computer. She especially loves watching Sesame Street clips (don't worry....she only spends a couple minutes each day watching them) and skyping on the computer. All I have to say is "Do you want to see Nana and Grandpa" and she runs into the office smiling and staring up at the computer.

Scott came home today and brought us all Valentine's gifts.

Bells got a bone.

Elli got jewelry. I wish I could have gotten her reaction on video. She squealed the second Scott showed her....had a huge smile on her face and started dancing all around.

Scott got me a pregnancy massage!! I can't wait to use it!!

Just some pictures from the day....

Elli spent a lot of the day riding around on this. She had to have her bear come with her.


So....the dr. had told me a couple weeks ago that Elli would probably drop down to 1 nap during the day. The past couple of days/weeks her naps have been 2 short naps (about 45 min. each). I figured I'd try and see how she did with 1 nap today. She did great!! She was so tired at lunch that she ended up falling asleep! BUT....she slept for 2.5 hours and was in such a good mood when she woke up! I'll be interested to see how she sleeps tonight!

Lunch....I kept having to call her name to wake her up. Falling asleep picking up a banana

Banana is in the mouth....trying to chew it but asleep again.

And she just couldn't do it anymore


This is how she likes to crawl up on her chair

Show me your tongue, Elli

It was finally nice enough to go outside on Sunday and Elliana loved it. She walked all around.

Waving to me. If you know know that she LOVES to wave and will wave to anyone and everyone!

Scott had to go pick her up and carry her back because she kept turning around wanting to walk further.

Last Friday, Elli was really into walking all around the house with not 1, but 2 coats on. She HAD to have both of her coats on :) She's so funny these days!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Big Girl

Elliana is becoming such a big girl! This past weekend we turned around her carseat and she LOVES it. It has made running errands or going places much easier! We still use her infant carseat when I pick her up from daycare on Wednesdays since she still fits in it, but soon we will be taking that out of the car and storing it for the next baby. Her eating still continues to be inconsistent. She is a good eater at some meals and doesn't eat much at others. Scott took her and I out on a date on Saturday night and we were shocked at how much she put away! She especially loved the ice cream we gave her at the end (she loves all kinds of sweets)! Elli has been drinking out of a straw now for a while and it is so nice to not have to pack a sippy cup for her, as she can just drink out of a straw at restaurants. She typically only drinks water and milk throughout the day and doesn't care for juice. Elli is completely on whole milk now which she loves. It has been great not having to pack sippy cups of formula for daycare. She gets regular whole milk at daycare and organic at home. I am so used to spending so much money on formula that spending an extra few bucks per gallon on organic doesn't bother me at all. I figure one day I will switch her to regular whole milk, but for now I like knowing she's not getting all those hormones with the organic.

Elli loves to play with her toys and we typically play with all of them it seems throughout the day. Her toys are taking up our family room. We are going to get her toy room set up in the basement the weekend of the 18th when my parents come for a visit....hoping they will be keeping her busy while we get to work!

She is understanding so much more and doing a great job following directions ("give ___ to bella" or "go get ____"). She loves to play with her baby doll and gives her doll a bottle, pacifier, or sippy. If I am holding baby, she ALWAYS has to come sit on my lap....sometimes she lets baby stay with us and other times she throws the baby on the floor (this might cause some problems come August).

Elli loves putting things on her head (or having us put them on her head) and walks all around. This is a game for her....we put something on....she walks around and takes it off.....and then she wants it on again.

Bella's collar is a favorite headband

because she can shake her head and the tags make noise!

Princess Elli!


I woke up on Friday and felt like I had so much more energy than I'd had in the past 6 or so weeks. I definitely welcomed the energy!

So we celebrated on Friday by making finger paints! Elli wasn't a fan of getting it on her hands (ha....what's the point of finger paints then?), but she did enjoy banging the spoon on the table for awhile :) My hope was that we could make some valentine's. We were able to get one made for the #1 man in her life (which Scott later found and let her play we can't find it :) ). We'll try finger painting some more when she gets a tad older.

Obviously it was edible....I knew she'd try and put it in her mouth.


Elli was such a big girl at church this past Sunday. She got moved up to the toddler room and actually enjoyed it! We dropped her off and immediately left to try and eliminate tears. We waited and watched through the window for a bit to see what she would do. For awhile she just stood there staring, looking completely shocked. We both felt so bad for her and I even got a little teary eyed (it kind of felt like dropping her off at daycare for the 1st time when she didn't have any clue what was going on). BUT......she stayed in there the whole service and when Scott went to go get her she was sitting at the table playing with a doll. They said she did great.....we were so proud of her!

Giving Bella hugs....she loves Bella!!

Playing with Daddy! She loves playing with Scott and he can usually get her laughing pretty hard. She doesn't like him leaving for work in the mornings, but will reluctantly send him off with a wave.