The Lindvall Family

The Lindvall Family

Monday, September 27, 2010

8 months and counting

HAPPY 8 MONTH BIRTHDAY ELLIANA (on Sunday that is)! We had Elli's monthly photo shoot on Sunday morning. Elli only lasted just a few minutes and then thought it'd be a good idea to try and crawl off the chair. Luckily, I was right there to catch her and let her know that was not a good idea :) Our photo shoot was over at that point!

Elli has had quite the week! We've had some unfortunate digestive problems (the opposite of what we usually have with her). She averaged about 2, maybe 3 outfit changes a day and oh the laundry!!!! We're not sure what caused all her problems....either the stomach bug or her formula which got recalled on Wed. We didn't go to the dr. but I put a call in to them since she was showing all the signs of a baby that ingested the bad formula and they said her problems were definitely not due to teething. Luckily, she hasn't had any trouble since yesterday, which means we didn't have to go to the dr. today (today was our 1 week mark and the dr. wanted to see her if things continued).

Elli has found new things she loves....the dish washer, pantry, and refrigerator. As soon as any of those things are open....she sprints (in a crawling kind of way) over to try and play in them! She has begun to show fear of falling....she'll pull herself up on something and gets a "stuck" feeling like she doesn't know how to get down. Our oh so sweet little lady has also picked up a new behavior....screaming! Yes....screaming! We are seeing more of a pattern with the screaming....while eating, when we won't let her do things she wants (like trying to touch a hot pan), or taking things away from her that she isn't supposed to have. We have also noticed it a little when she is excited. We are trying to figure out whether it is best to ignore the screaming or discipline it as this tends to lead to more screaming :/

On a funnier note, Bella let down her grudge she has on Elli for taking all our attention tonight. How you might ask? Well....Elli learned how to throw the ball for Bella. I might not believe me....I didn't either when Scott was yelling at me to watch, but she really did. Elli would pick up the ball, attempt to put it in her mouth (occasionally she succeeded as we weren't fast enough to stop her) :), and would throw the ball a couple inches. Bella would then get it, drop it in front of her, and then cock her head like she always does! If only I would have gotten that on video!!

And the photo shoot....

And the photo shoot is done..................

Monday, September 20, 2010

Teeth Stink!!

Elli has been a little out of sorts the past couple days and we couldn't figure out why! When I picked her up from the daycare on Thursday, they had said she refused to eat her lunch (which included all fruit which she loves). Ever since then she hasn't been too interested in eating solids. At first we thought it was because she only wanted puffs so we stopped giving her puffs. Then we thought it was because she wanted to feed made pancakes for her, macaroni, cooked carrots, etc. and although she ate those, she still wasn't all too interested. It wasn't until Saturday that we saw a little white peeking through her upper gums and then we realized it was because she is getting a tooth. I haven't been able to see whether she is getting any teeth on the bottom....she's pretty good at keeping me from seeing those bottom gums or getting a finger in there. Luckily, her appetite seems to be normal today....BUT she does seem to be in some pain. After tons of crying, Motrin, some bottle, snuggle time and rocking she finally went to sleep for a nap. I haven't rocked her to sleep in forever, but I sure loved her snuggling up to me!!

This is typically how we find her after a nap or in the mornings....standing up gnawing on the crib. Scott is insistent that we find something to put on the railings so she doesn't leave teeth marks (which we have heard many kids do a pretty good job at chewing the sides of cribs) in the crib. Any ideas??

Elli has been pulling herself up in her crib for a couple weeks, but she just started doing it at the daycare. They told me last week they are going to have to move her crib since she is right by the bookshelves....apparently she does a good job at knocking things off of there when she is standing up :)

Elli continues to move all around and has been pulling herself up on everything in sight (the cupboards, door, etc.). Typically she has MANY falls in a day as she often isn't careful and occasionally forgets that she can't let go without falling. We currently have a bruise right on our forehead.


Picture of Elli and Daddy sporting their PU shirts for the big game on Saturday. Clearly I was outnumbered. However, I am very proud of my Cardinals for keeping up with a Big Ten team!! I was pleasantly shocked, but Scott wasn't surprised with the outcome. I think he's a little discouraged with his team this year! I am anxiously looking forward to Oct. 23rd as the Bucks take on PU :) We're thinking of tailgating because Mom and Dad have tickets for that game!! Mom, are you sure you don't want to give up your ticket and babysit Elli while I go to the game???? :) just kidding

Elli loves her Daddy! She gets so excited when he walks through the door!! I'm continually amazed with how much energy he has each day!! He feeds Elli her bottle in the morning, goes to work early, works a long day, helps out with Elli until she goes to bed, takes Bella on a walk, and then works from home. He takes such good care of us Lindvall Gals!

Elli loves crawling up on me!


Trying to get a good picture of us! Elli woke up early from a nap and wasn't too happy.

Elli was getting ready to go to our church picnic! She had fun....we pet animals, decorated a pumpkin, met new friends, saw old friends, and ate! All in all it was a good day!! (Doesn't she look old in this picture? I guess she will be 8 months on Sunday....Yikes!!)
Well....we've got people coming over tonight and I'm cooking dinner for one of our friends....lots to do while the little one is asleep!

Monday, September 13, 2010

On the go....

Unfortunately, we haven't taken too many pictures over the past week! Elli is all over the place and is only getting quicker!! There are 3 things in this house that she has an attraction (ok....obsession would be a more appropriate word) to....Bella's dog dish, the computer, and my purse. She is constantly trying to get into these things and just gets quicker at trying to get to them! She is definitely developing a personality and we are enjoying her more and more each day!!

She is so proud of herself in this picture. I just had to take it....but I assure you, she got a big "No" for going over to it! Thankfully, we are both doing better at disciplining Elli than we did with Bella. We failed with Bella as she is "Queen B" of the Lindvall house...opps :/


This past weekend Nana and Papa L. came to Columbus for a short visit. We were actually able to keep Elli awake until they got here on Friday night...she was exhausted, but was very pleasant. Saturday, Nana and I went fall clothes shopping for Elli and got her lots of cute stuff! Elli even modeled it for us (against her will) and she looks so darn cute in her new clothes. They baby-sat for us on Saturday evening while Scott and I went to church and then left shortly after we got home! It was a short trip, but Elli was glad to see her grandparents and I know they enjoyed seeing her! Thanks for the new clothes Nana!!

Elli is all over her crib during the night and we love checking on her before we go to bed. This is how we found her one night sleeping! Legs propped up on the side of her crib!


Elliana would eat puffs all day long if we let her! She LOVES them! And....since we are now eating dinner as a family each night, it keeps her occupied while we are trying to finish our meal. Elli has become a pro at feeding puffs to herself over the past couple weeks! Enjoy the video!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

We had a busy, but fun labor day weekend!! It seems like Elli has grown so much in just the past couple of weeks! I am beginning to realize how difficult it is to get a 7 month old to nap who can now pull herself up on her crib. I tried to get her to take a short 3rd nap on Friday and came in to see her standing in the crib chewing on the wood....ugh!! Needless to say, her crib got lowered to the lowest level! She is in play-mode at all times now and is on the go. I constantly find myself saying "No...not that; No, Elli don't touch; Wait...Elli come back; No Elli" over and over again! She loves trying to get a hold of the computer and crawling out to the kitchen to play in Bella's water. She enjoys grabbing Bella's toys and of course Bella hates it :) She is keeping me on my toes!!

Elli stood like this for a couple minutes on Saturday morning thinking she was big stuff!

We had some friends and their baby over on Friday night! Siena is 1 month younger than Elli, but is about her same size. They had a good time interacting together and we were able to get some pictures.

Joe and Rachel are casually looking at houses and have looked at a house in our neighborhood. We're hoping they decide our neighborhood is the right place for them!!!!
Saturday, Mom and Dad showed up at our house in the early afternoon. Grandma and Grandpa Brauchler also made the trip to our house to go to church with us. Elli is at a stage where everyone but Scott and I scare her. It takes her a little while to warm up to people and eventually she does just takes her sometime to look everyone over :)
Nana and Papa B. bought Elli some new toys before coming over to Columbus. They all spent time playing together with them before church and it helped make her comfortable around them.

Pictures before church....
On Sunday, we headed to Hocking Hills to do a little hiking. The weather was perfect! We ended up taking Bella which was probably her last trip there. She was a little too excited and ended up pulling us the WHOLE time. BUT....she did get to do some swimming and she was absolutely exhausted on our way home.

Pictures from Hocking Hills....

Elli is definitely a "Mama's Girl" which isn't too surprising seeing how we spend most of our week together. She knows where I am at all times.

This was Elliana after our first hike to 2 of the caves. She was exhausted and ready for lunch!!

Poor Scott was dragged around all day:) I attempted to walk Bella, but I just wasn't strong enough!

Dad put Elli on his shoulders and she was cracking up while he was making noises!

Elli was exhausted and fell asleep on our way to the last cave. We decided to let her sleep. Her and I stayed in the car while everyone else did a short hike to Ash Cave. It was a much needed nap for her!
We stopped by the park by our house and let Elli swing a bit before going home.

She loved the swing!!
We spent Monday doing a little shopping and going out for lunch before Mom and Dad headed home. Elli got her 1st couple bites of ice cream and loved it!! We quickly stopped giving her the ice cream once we realized it had real strawberries in it which is one of the things on the list that we're not allowed to give her yet. Opps...she's fine :) She also got her first balloon which she loved!!

Dad was responsible for dressing her and this is what he put her in. A shirt that said "I love Mommy and Daddy but Nana and Papa are the best" Who do you think got her that shirt....not us :)
By the way, when did she get so big? Doesn't she look huge in this picture? Her hair is growing so much too!! Soon we will be putting bows in those little curls rather than wearing headbands!!
The following picture was taken a couple weeks ago. Scott was feeding Elli breakfast and she feel asleep in her seat. He thought it was so funny and snapped a picture before she woke up!!