The Lindvall Family

The Lindvall Family

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Cardiology Appointment

Connor had a follow-up cardiology appointment at Riley hospital on April 14th.  
 He had two tests done….an echocardiogram and EKG.  He had to hold completely still for both tests.  The echo took around 25-30 minutes, but he was able to watch cartoons the whole time.

 Connor's appointment went great and we loved his new doctor.  His VSD is officially gone.  The doctor can see where the hole was and said there is some additional scar tissue there.  He said the only time we need to tell future doctors about the VSD is if he goes in for surgery because of the scar tissue.

We were thrilled with the appointment and results.  We let him pick where he wanted to go to lunch to celebrate.  He picked chic-fil-a.  Avery happened to be there and when he saw her he said, "Avery, I closed my hole!!"  We're so happy to be discharged from cardiology after 4.5 years!!

Spring Break 2016- Destin, FL

We left on Friday, March 25th to head down to Destin, FL for the kids' spring break!  We absolutely loved Destin and are looking forward to going back!  We couldn't have asked for better weather for the week….especially since the forecast prior to leaving did not look great.
We decided to stop in Alabama for the night and leave the next morning for the rest of the drive.  We had trouble finding a hotel, as everything was booked.  We were able to find a random hotel and arrived around 1:00 in the morning Alabama time.  We got stuck in quite a bit of traffic on Saturday as we were getting close to Destin.  Emery had enough of being in her car seat and I ended up taking her out since we weren't moving at all.  She was thrilled as you can tell….

Our week involved lots of pool and beach time, eating out, go-karts, trampoline jumping, ice cream, fireworks, bounce house/slide, carousel, and some shopping.  

 Elli's mermaid fin got put to lots of use in the pool.  We had our own private pool at the house which was wonderful.  Neither Elli nor Connor wore floaties at all the entire week.

 Waiting for our seats at a restaurant and playing in the sand.

 Paddle board time…..

 Finding seashells, crab, and fish….

 Best Buds

 The Noah's Ark crew...

 Oh these two!  I don't have favorites, but I LOVE watching these two together…..and they LOVE being together.
 Waiting for fireworks one night….the glow sticks saved the night!
 All the other kids were able to go down the big slide, so Emery settled for a ride on the carousel.
 Watching the fireworks!  They were loud!
 Three matching girls….

 We went to see the alligators at fudpuckers!  Of course it was too long of a wait at 4:30, so we went somewhere else for dinner.

 Emery was not a fan of getting her picture taken this night.

 Go-Karts!  Connor fell in love with go-karts this trip.  It was his first time on them...

 We made two trips to this place so they could ride them.
 Emery and Maddy were too little to ride on them, so they rode the carousel instead.
 Ready to go to the beach….
 Connor even got to drive a little one by himself!
 Elli won each race!
 The most ridiculous ride!  Connor used up the tokens for his single go-kart ride, so we told the girls to hop on here for a ride.

 Jumping on the trampoline!

 We were able to go out to dinner our last night without kids!  It was the most peaceful meal of the week!

We only got a little footage on our go-pro camera because Scott ended up losing our first camera in the ocean!  So on Friday, he went out to buy another one!

We had the best week.  We ended up leaving on April 2nd to come home and drove straight through.  Emery was less than pleasant on the drive home and we had planned to stop, but couldn't find a hotel with availability.  She finally decided to sleep the last 3 hours of the trip!!

We can't wait to go back to Destin!