The Lindvall Family

The Lindvall Family

Monday, September 22, 2014

Zoo Trip

Random trip to the zoo to try and start labor before Emery was born….

Riding on the dinosaur ride...

 They were acting like dinosaurs….

1 month old

Emery was officially 1 month old on September 5th!  I can't believe I actually remembered to take these pictures, but I did!!

At 1 month, Emery's sleeping was very inconsistent!  She slept until 5 or 6am for a few nights, but then would only do 3 or 4 hour stretches the others. I'm happy to report that she has been sleeping in until 6:30 or 7 the past few mornings and making it 8 hours straight!!!!! 

She still wants to be held all the time and loves taking naps on her stomach!  She really started to smile and coo in response to us talking to her at about 5 weeks.  Here is her 1 month photo shoot….

Birthday Party

In the midst of the craziness of having a newborn, we celebrated Connor's birthday a week and a half after Emery was born.  People were surprised we were having a party for him, but we couldn't resist!  We love giving the kids parties….it's one day out of the whole year where it's just about them and a time to make them feel special and important!!

Connor picked a Thomas the Train theme this year (big surprise!!).  We all (Scott, Elli, Mom, Emery, Amber, Jeremy, Kensley, Avery & Maddy) woke Connor up by singing to him.  He of course acted like he was sleeping while we were singing (this is what he does 50% of the time we go wake him up….he acts like he's sleeping).

The morning of Connor's birthday, we let him open up a few gifts first thing in the morning while eating his donuts!

Watching Connor open up his gifts was one of my favorite things and something I'll never forget!  He said 'Oh my boy' as he opened up each gift!  He was so excited and wanted to play with everything all at once!

He had his new football uniform on, new planes in hand, roller skates on, and party blower in his mouth!
 I let Meijer do my decorating and had them make the cake!  Connor went with me one day to pick out all the decorations and it was so nice to have most of it done before Emery was born!

 Singing happy birthday…..his shy face….
 Ha…..we had to help him blow out the candle!!
 The day of the party included playing outside….
 yes, 5 kids fit into the Gator!
 Going fishing….

 Having a surprise visit from a police officer….
 We found a purse in the street and called the cops to come get it.  An officer showed up at the door and was so great with the kids!  He gave them tattoos, let them get in his car, and turned the lights on for them.

 We had a softball game going on….
 Played with water balloons….
Connor spent time in his room playing with his new toys….we couldn't find him at one point and found him upstairs in his room…ha!!

Happy Birthday Connor….such a fun day celebrating you!!!!  Thank you everyone for making the trip and making our boy feel so loved!!

3 years old


You are now three years old and I can't believe how fast the last three years have gone!  I love spending my days with you.  You are sweet, silly, funny, crazy and loud!!!!  You love playing with your big sis, but are also really good at playing by yourself!!  

You used to be a mama's boy and wanted me to do most everything for you, but nowadays you are such a daddy's boy!!  Many say I baby you and it is so true….you are my sweet, sweet boy and I can't help it!  Today you told me I was your number 1 girl and that pretty much made my week!  

You loooooove your Daddy and want to be just like him!  You want your hat backwards, the top 2 buttons unbuttoned on your shirt, or your shirt off if you're doing 'work.'  These are all things that Daddy does.  If he is wearing a sweatshirt, you want to also.  I can see many air shows and sporting events with him in your future!  
 The picture below is totally you!  You looove sweatshirts and would wear them everyday if you could!  We often find you going through your closet or drawer and finding something random to put on!
 You are somewhat of a picky eater and would be happy if we let you eat fries, chips or cereal for every meal.  Although you are picky, we manage to get a variety of things down you.  You are the slowest eater (and honestly take your own sweet time to do many different things). We spend a lot of our mealtime encouraging you to 'hurry, take another bite.'
 You are so content staying at home playing with your toys.  You tend to be happiest at home with Daddy, Elli, Emery and I.  You are happy if things stay just as they are and had a bit of a difficult time in the weeks surrounding Emery's birth.  I'm happy to report that you are back to being YOU!!  As long as you've had enough sleep, you are pretty easy to deal with!  You go to bed around 8:00 or 8:30 and tend to wake up between 8:00 and 9:00.  It takes you an hour or so to fall asleep at night….you still take after me in the sleep department!
 You love riding your bike and playing outside!
 People think you are relatively shy, but around here you are loud and silly.  You make up silly words that no one understands and you think you are pretty funny!
 You had to wear a tie just like Daddy!

 You love playing with all your toys.  Connor, you continue to love tractors, cars, boats, trains and planes.  Home Depot is your favorite store (well….that and the Disney store)….you always have to 'ride' on the tractors when you go in there.
 You told me the other day that you wanted to be a policeman, Daddy, and bad guy when you grow up!  These days, you love talking about bad guys…..typically, bad guys are included somewhere in your play.
 These pictures were the last two pictures taken of you as a 2 year old!!
 You started preschool a few weeks ago and are doing pretty well.  You were soooo excited to start, but that excitement has somewhat worn off.  You enjoy it, but I think you'd rather be home with me.  You don't enjoy learning your ABC's or doing crafts, but I think you are participating just fine in school!
 You still love Thomas the train, but are getting into batman and spiderman!
 Connor, you are so much fun!  We love watching you learn, grow and develop!  Happy 3rd birthday, bubba!!