The Lindvall Family

The Lindvall Family

Monday, October 28, 2013

Goodbye House

A few weeks ago, we moved out of our house that we've owned for a little over 5 years to move to another part of town.  We hoped that we'd be making a smooth transition to a new house once we sold ours; however, we are instead living in a 3 bedroom townhouse, which we actually really like.  I was hoping that I'd have new house pictures to put on here when I wrote the post about selling our house, but I'll have to save that for when we actually find our new home.  The kids are handling the adjustment to the townhouse pretty well and although we like our current living situation, we are really excited to find our 'forever' home!

So.....Goodbye House!  It's been a great house filled with lots of great memories!  

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Preschool Field Trip

Elli had her very first field trip this morning.  Connor and I got to tag along with her and participate in all the fun events of the morning!  It was muddy and messy, but the kids had fun.  The events of the morning included: a hayride, picking pumpkins, going through a maze, playing in the corn, going down a giant slide and seeing different farm animals.

 Picking out her pumpkin
 Connor insisting on carrying his pumping....

 Going through the maze
 Playing in the corn
 Going down the slide.  Connor went down also; however, he didn't have the same expression as Elli when he reached the bottom :)

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Elliana- 3.5

Dear Elliana,

I am fully aware that you turned 3.5 years old quite some time ago.  It isn't so much that I haven't had time or that I didn't want to, it's just that you have a bigger than life personality and I've been trying to figure out what important things to include in this post, so we'll be able to look back and see exactly what you were like at this age.  I know this post just won't do you justice, but I'm going to try to sum up the important things. 

You are attending school 2 mornings a week and you absolutely love it.  I really think you were made for school.  You love to learn, read books, and especially love doing crafts!!  The other day you came running outside saying "I got to be the special helper today."  I really think that made your week (and it totally made my day to see how excited you were about it).  You can write your name (with a little help), do well with your letters, numbers, and you've started doing well coloring within the lines.

You still continue to be extremely observant.  We constantly have to be on our toes with you!  You have an unbelievable memory!  It is amazing the things you remember.  You recall things that we barely remember from a long, long time ago!  

You can be shy with people you don't know (although not always), but you talk nonstop here at home. A couple months ago, you told some random lady in Mcdonalds every bit of information about us short of our social security numbers.  When you get excited in public, you always forget to use your 'inside voice.' 

You don't like to be by yourself, ever!  You always want someone to play with and always have to be 'in the know.'  Connor has become your number 1 person to play with.  In fact, the other day you kicked me out of one of your rooms while you were playing.  Don't you worry, I wasn't upset at all....I was actually on could nine!  You continue to be a 'boss' to him, but are doing better at not barking orders at him (I think).  You take care of him in public and aren't afraid to tell another peer or an adult "My brother was playing with that.  Can you give that to my brother.  My brother needs that.  My brother needs to come, etc." You actually follow his lead on most things and whatever he's playing with, you want (I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be the other way around).  When I ask if you want milk or water, many times you'll say "Connor, are you going to drink milk or water?"  And you'll have whatever he is having.
 You tell us that you love us at least 15 times a day.  You have a special place in your heart for your Daddy and your Papa's. The other day I asked you if you wanted to be in your dance recital in June.  You immediately asked, "Are my Papa's and Daddy going to be there?"  I told you they probably would and you said, "Ok, yeah I'll do it."  You also love playing with your Nana's, aunts, uncles, great-grandparents and cousins.  Your favorite person on this earth is by far your Daddy.  When he is home, you guys eat breakfast together every morning....he tells me that you guys talk about so many different things in the mornings.

You continue to obsess over anything princess.  You especially love watching Disney movies!  You love wearing dresses (especially your dress-up dresses).  You are into jewelry and constantly want to have chapstick on.  You always, always want your nails painted! You love to dance, sing, and play mommy.  You want a new little sibling so badly!  I love that you are so girly, but you fit right in with your boy cousins and have no problem getting dirty.  In fact, we've noticed that everytime you go outside you somehow get your face dirty.  Every time!

You are such a good, good eater!  Although sometimes you need encouraged to eat in a reasonable amount of time, you almost never complain about what is on your plate.  Some of your favorites include: cheese ravioli, chicken noodle soup, chicken nuggets, french fries, asparagus, avocado, strawberries, and any kind of sweets.  You love, love, love going out to eat and your favorite pick is always "Max and Ervas" (Max and Ermra's).  You enjoy chewing gum and I'm pretty sure that's the first thing you ask for when you see Papa Brauchler.

You are slowly dropping your nap.  If you go without a nap, you are usually passed out by 8:00pm.  If you do take a nap, we have trouble getting you to sleep at night!  I'm sure by the time you turn 4 your nap will be long gone, but I'm holding onto it as long as possible!
Elliana, you are funny!  We are constantly laughing at the things you say.  The other day Daddy was getting dressed and he told you that he got a new pair of pants.  You replied, "Well, how cool is that."  You love to play Mommy to your little brother.  I was cleaning up lunch the other day and I let you and Connor go downstairs. I didn't hear you guys so I went down to see what you were up to.  I found both of you locked in the bathroom (I had let Connor go without a pull-up because he was doing well running to the bathroom when he had to go).  You opened the door and when I asked what happened you said, "Connor pooped.  He was trying to get to the toilet and didn't make it.  Don't worry I got it all cleaned up. I also got him all cleaned up. Don't worry, I took care of it.  It's not a big deal.  It's just not a big deal."  (I then looked in the toilet and found a ridiculous amount of toilet paper in the toilet).  Also, the other night Daddy and I were talking after dinner while you and Bubs went upstairs to play.  All the sudden you came running downstairs and said "Ugh, mom, dad, we're going to need your help up there.  Connor pooped all over the guest room.  It's amazing, it's really, really amazing." You talk with your hands and are extremely dramatic when you communicate!  

You still love, love, love your niney.  In fact, you are now sleeping with 2 nineys.....this is only because Connor also sleeps with 2.  We have no plans in the future to take these nineys often like to take it in the car, but you know that you are not allowed to take it into places.  

You love life and wake up excited for the day ahead!  I love this about you.  You are our firstborn and I'm sure your Daddy and I have made a million mistakes as parents since you were born.  But the other day in the car you said, "Mom, I love you and Dad and Bubs.  But you know who I love the most?  God.  I love God the most."  So we at least know we're doing a few things right.  

You are sweet, kind, funny, smart, strong willed (this is an understatement), silly, pretty, impatient, occasionally shy, loud, and special!  We are crazy about you!!