The Lindvall Family

The Lindvall Family

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Preschool Programs

I absolutely love going to see the kids' in their preschool programs!  They both had their programs on May 13th.  Connor's started at 6:30 and Elli's started at 7:30.  Elli walked around for weeks singing her songs.  When we would ask Connor what he was singing, he would say 'Jingle Bells.'  He sang 'Jingle Bells' during his Christmas program…we were a little worried he didn't know any of the songs he was singing for the end of the year program, but sang each one of them on stage!! They both did such a great job!  We were so proud of them!  

And just like that, preschool is over and summer is here!!  

Last Day of School 2015

I can't believe that the kids have already finished up their preschool year.  They both had such a great year!  Connor's last day was May 12th and Elli's was May 13th!  

Connor on the first day of school….
Connor on the last day of school….

I can't believe Elli is moving on to Kindergarten in the fall!  It doesn't seem possible that she is already old enough to go!  Here is her picture on the first day of Pre-K….
Her last day of Pre-K...
 First day…..

Last Day

The Kids with their teachers….Mrs. Grimm and Connor
 Mrs. Willison and Elli

9 months

I cannot believe that this is our last month in single digits.  Emery turned 9 months old on May 5th!  She is such a sweet, little girl and always willing to give kisses!  She loves to be held and doesn't like it when we go out of sight!  Connor continues to be one of her favorite people….he puts a smile on her face as soon as she sees him.  They have such a sweet relationship…he loves her, but does have trouble being gentle with her.  He loves making her laugh, though!

Emery is babbling up a storm!  She says a lot of "mamama" and "dadada."  She is beginning to sign 'more' and will occasionally do it upon request.  She loves playing 'peek-a-boo,' 'how big,' clapping, and is beginning to wave.  Emery loves kisses and will often give big, open mouth kisses even when we don't ask.  She knows her name and we know she understands the word 'bath' (this is her favorite time of day).

Emery is still not doing a typical crawl yet.  She moves more like an inchworm….up on all fours, lunges forward, and repeats until she gets to where she wants to go.  She can go from laying on her belly to sitting and from sitting to laying on her belly.  She isn't quite pulling herself up yet, but occasionally will do so if put on her knees.  She can stand on her own while holding on to something.  I have been working hard with her on these motor skills over the last few weeks….I'm hoping to see some progress with them soon!

Emery currently has 4 teeth and we think she is working on 2 more!  She couldn't be more opposite of Elli.  Elli took her first steps at 9 months and had no teeth!  Ha!  She is still getting 4 bottles of breastmilk a day, but within the month I will take her afternoon one away.  Her sleep seems to be a bit off….she continues to go to bed at 7, but has been waking up much earlier these days (sometimes 5:30….but goes right back down after some milk).  She takes 2 naps 1 to 2 hour naps each day.  Emery still loves her pacifiers!!  Emery is almost completely off of baby food and does great eating table foods.  The other night she ate almost all of a hot dog, macaroni and cheese, and strawberries!!

Emery loves balls and gets so excited when she sees one.  She also likes to look at dogs, but doesn't like it when they bark or get close.  Emery enjoys swinging and would do it all day if I let her.  She is now consistently going in the nursery at church and tolerates being in there.  We're also starting to see little signs of drama if she doesn't get her way!!

It was hard getting good pictures this time…she was interested in everything, but the camera…..

 Kisses for her dog
 SOOOO big

Happy 9 months, Emery Rose!!!!


This past year, the kids attended AWANA at our church every Wednesday evening.  Each week, they memorized a memory verse that went along with a lesson.  The kids really enjoyed their time at AWANA!  Here are some pictures of AWANA graduation….

 Cubby Bear

Emery's Dedication

We dedicated Emery at our church on May 9th!  Both of our parents came into town for her dedication.   Our lifegroup has welcomed many new babies this past year, so we were able to dedicate her with 3 of the other babies in our group!  

Pastor Bob prayed over us during the dedication...
Everyone is looking except Emery of course!

Emery did great on stage and so did the other kids!!  Here was our quick photo shoot before we left for the church….

 'sooooo big'

So thankful for this little baby….