The Lindvall Family

The Lindvall Family

Friday, September 28, 2012

13 months

I'm a bit behind on the blog!  Connor turned 13 months old 2 weeks ago and I'm just now getting around to posting about it!  So much has changed in the last 6 weeks since he turned one.  Connor is all over the place and is really steady on his feet. He's been walking now for awhile.  Although he keeps me busy, I love that he is a bit more independent!  

As you can see in the picture below, Connor is all about feeding himself.  In fact, this new skill is quite frustrating during meals and causes a very, very big mess.  He thinks he needs no help and he can do it himself...and even if he is having finger foods, he still thinks he needs a fork or spoon.  There have been meals where I really don't know how much food he actually ate.....he wouldn't let me help, so I just let him go for it!

Connor really seems to understand so much more.  He is able to follow some simple commands such as: "Go get your milk" or "Put the toy in."  He is using the following signs: 'please,' 'more,' and 'milk.'  Speaking of milk, this kiddo loves his much so that I have to make sure he's not drinking more than his allotted amount of 24 ounces a day per Dr.'s orders.  He is babbling like crazy.  As far as words go, he will occasionally repeat a close approximation to "all done," and 'bath' (it sounds like 'ba').  He will also babble "mamamamama" and "dadadadadada."

Connor loves, loves, loves, being outside.  I'm pretty sure a ball or this car.... 

are his favorite toys.  He loves getting in and out of this car.  He also loves sitting in his little chair in our living room.

Elli has loved to accessorize since day 1 and we have just recently found out how much Connor loves his accessories too.  This was Connor this morning...he found Scott's glasses and put them around his neck.

And this was Connor the other day.  He walked around like this forever.
And as much as I don't want to admit....he has also been trying on Elli's headbands and one of her bracelets because right now he tries to do everything Elli is doing.  

Connor is so much fun and I can't believe how fast he is growing!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Preschool & growing up

Elliana had her 1st day of preschool last Friday, August 14th!  She loved it and did so well there!  She was so excited to go, but was pretty confused as to why she wasn't riding the bus to school!  Elli will be going 1 day a week (every Friday) for 2 hours at a United Methodist Church by our house.

I've been so excited for her to go, as she is really starting to want to play with more friends.  She is always talking about things her and her friends do!  I mean, look at this picture of her and Kensley (and Papa B.) from last weekend....
Lately, when we ask her who her best friend is she'll say "Kensley" (and the way she says her name is cute 'thenthly').

So, we knew she'd have no problem at preschool!  She went right in without any tears!  Here are some pictures before school....

I'd be lying if I said I didn't spend at least 30 minutes trying to figure out her 1st day outfit.  The weather completely threw me off when the temperatures dropped the day before!  I normally don't put tennis shoes with a skirt; however, we wore them at the teacher's request.  

Elli is growing up so quickly!  Before I end this post, I need to document the conversation Scott and her had last night.  Elli was talking about 'Princess Krystal' and saying how she got married and one day Elli wanted to dance and get married.  Scott said, "Elli are going to go off and get married to a boy one day?"  She said, "Nah Daddy, you my boy.  I will marry you."  Scott said that he couldn't wait to tell that story at her wedding when she is 45.  

Ha....45....I don't think so, Scott.  Who wouldn't want to marry this beauty queen?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Connor's 1 year pictures

We had Connor's 1 year pictures taken on Saturday, August 26th.  We initially tried to get them taken on the 19th with our usual photographer; however, we got rained out and then couldn't coordinate our schedules to get them taken until the fall.  So, we both made the decision that it'd be better if we found someone else to take them.  Our normal photographer is now a Dr. and has a very busy schedule.  I spent a few days frantically trying to find someone to take them where I could buy the rights to at least some of the pictures.  I was able to find someone on short notice (she was taking the weekend of the 25th off and graciously decided to do our pictures since we were in a pinch).  Both kids were a bit crazy that wanted to go in one direction and the other one wanted to go the opposite way.   They turned out better than we thought they would!! 

Here are some of our favorites....

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Ballerina Elli

Our friends asked us awhile ago if we'd be interested in putting Elli in a swim, gymnastics, or dance class with their daughter, Siena.  So, after a couple failed attempts at getting into different classes, we found a 'living social' discount for $5.00 per ballet class for a month.  Elli was so excited for her class and the second she puts on her outfit, her feet start moving and body starts twirling.  Her class is in a separate room and we aren't able to see her dance, which was a big disappointment....half the reason we put her in dance was for our entertainment!  And since we can't actually see the class happening, this is what we know of the class from Elli:

* They hold hands and walk around in a circle
*They point their toes

*They twirl around

*Someone wore a crown while they were in the circle

*They put their hands above their head

*They learned a move called the "spider move" which looks exactly like the 'wheel barrow'

*Their teacher wears a swimsuit (otherwise known as a leotard....I didn't even try explaining this to Elli as we are in the "why, why, why" stage with her and I couldn't even bear the thought of her asking 5 bazillion questions about why its a leotard and not a swimsuit)

*She does everything like 'Ballerina Bess' (this is a book at Nana and Papa Brauchler's house that she read about 100 times over labor day

*This class is one of her favorite things to do to date....unfortunately we won't be keeping her in it right now because is expensive when paying the full price!  We'll probably revisit it when she's a bit older.  

 But seriously, look how cute this girl is....ready for her first dance class....

Elli and Siena were so excited after class.  They both got suckers and said "I wanna go again."

Monday, September 10, 2012

Dale Hollow 2012

At the beginning of August, we went on a family vacation to Dale Hollow in Tennessee.  The kids did great with traveling, took their naps in the car, and had little whining.  We had a great week spent with lots of family.  The weather wasn't extremely ideal all week long, but we did have some nice days.  Elli loved being around all the other kids and swimming in the water.  She even tried tubbing and riding on the jet ski.  On the other hand, it was a little rougher of a vacation for Connor.  He was a overwhelmed by the water and hated wearing the lifejacket.  Because of going on the boat in the mornings, his morning naps were often much shorter than usual which resulted in him being fussy!  Next year will be a lot more enjoyable for him, as he'll be nearing 2 years old.

Here are some many pictures of our trip....

All the kids....

Riding on the boat....

Me swinging off the rope

Christy and Kayla swimming

Heath and Kayla

Practicing walking....

Christy and I getting the girls ready for manicures

Some of the kids....

Elli was obsessed with Kayla the whole week.  She still has the bracelet on that Kayla made her that week.

 Going on a boat ride.  She was a little apprehensive of going fast in the boat initially, but by the end of the week she was loving it.

 Scott knee boarded....

Elli and her best friend, Kayla

One of the few pictures of Connor in the water :)  He is wearing his new lifejacket that Nana and Papa L. got him there.  It worked out MUCH better than the other ones.

One of the many poker games that happened that week....

I got up on skied 

 Scott, Heath, and Ross were crazy enough to jump off the cliffs.  This is a picture of Scott jumping....

 Elli would run around the whole room repeatedly, cracking up while she did it.

The pontoon boat and some people swimming

Elli's first time on the jet ski.  She kept saying "I wanna go reallll slow"

We even celebrated Connor's birthday a week early

Swimming in the water....

This girl did great swimming

Some picture of Connor hanging out on the boat

Taking a chilly boat ride back to the cabin

 Daddy and Elli swimming....

Pictures of the cousins

 Seriously, Elli loved hanging out with Kayla

I love this picture of Connor

Connor and Uncle Ross

She even twirls her hair on boat rides....

Connor and Daddy take a ride on the boat....

Another big hit of the week was feeding the fish!

We had a great week and are looking forward to next year where we will only have to worry about 1 nap a pacifiers....and no pregnancy.  (The last 4 times this trip has happened, I've either been pregnant where I can't do a lot of the activities, been about to deliver where we couldn't go, or had babies with us on the trip).