The Lindvall Family

The Lindvall Family

Monday, June 25, 2012

A week in IN

We had a lot going on the past month in Indiana.  So....instead of making a lot of trips back and forth to IN, we decided to stay in Marion the 1st week of June while Scott traveled around to the different cities in his territory for work.  

We started off our week stay by going to a wedding.  Elli was really excited about the wedding and couldn't wait to see the 'Princess.'

Watching the bridal party walk down the stairs.
I love this picture....they are praying....ha look at Elli's face!
Look at these handsome guys!
Kensley and Elli had fun dancing on the stairs!
Elli couldn't wait to dance with 'Princess Brooke'  She was in awe of her.  She still talks about her at least a couple times a week!
Dancing with the bride!

While in IN, Elli got to take her very 1st bus ride.  She loves buses and will always pick them out while we are driving.  She is so excited to ride the bus when she gets older....I hate to break it to her, but as long as I'm not working- I will be driving her to school :)
She's not sure what to think....

Connor even got to ride!
After the bus ride, Elli got to try on Brooke's wedding dress!!
She was trying to dance in the dress.  Elli still talks about how she got to try on the dress, but couldn't take it with her because Brooke would be sad.
Elli spent a lot of time during the week driving her car....
Both kids loved swinging.  Papa Brauchler taught her to swing on the big kid swings!  She was pretty excited!
We even got to hang out with Landon and Sarah for a bit!  Connor wasted no time in trying to figure out who Landon was!
Poor Landon had to sit in the pink bumbo!
All 3 kiddos!  
Soon we might let these 3 come along on one of our getaways.  However, we decided that we want our next vacation to be a relaxing one, which means kids won't be allowed just yet!

Kensley came to stay with us for a few days.  The girls had fun riding tractors, swinging, going down the slide, swimming in the hot tub, and dancing....

We then headed to Indy to pick Scott up from the airport and stayed there to help celebrate Avery's 1st birthday....

Connor during present time!  All the kids walked away with presents!!
Happy Birthday Avery....
Connor learning to crawl up the stairs!  This is now one of his favorite things to do.  

He's so proud of himself :)
Scott also took the girls on a bike ride!  It took a little convincing for Elli to put that helmet on! 

We had a good week, but we were excited to get back to our normal routine at home!

Connor's First Haircut

Connor had his first official (we took him somewhere to get it done this time....a couple weeks ago I just cut his rattail off and trimmed his hair) haircut tonight and we think he looks extremely handsome!!  

Before Pictures....

I put his hair in a ponytail to show the length of it!

During the Haircut....

He loves playing with steering wheels and wheels on cars/trucks!  It's about his favorite thing!  

He did great, but kept leaning his head forward!

After Pictures...

Lookin' Good!!

So much better!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

10 Months

The past 10 months have flown by!  Connor has become quite the active little guy and usually tends to maneuver into places he's not supposed.  He is pulling himself up and loves to stand while holding onto things.  He is just starting to slowly walk with some of his walking toys- very slowly!  He crawls so quickly and loves it when we chase him.  We've started something with him that we actually shouldn't do- when he gets into something he's not supposed to we say "Connor, no no no" and he usually starts laughing, saying "nah-nah-nah-nah" while shaking his head back and forth.  Its so cute, but we're not doing a very good job at teaching him what the word 'no' means.  He loves to talk and babbles all the time!

Connor continues to be a good eater.  He still gets 3 bottles a day and is completely off of baby food (well....we still have about 6 containers that we need to use up).  He enjoys lunch and dinner, but isn't much of a breakfast eater.  He still takes 2 naps a day and sleeps at night from 7:30 to around 6:30 to 7:15.  

Connor hasn't really had much stranger anxiety, but does like to be held by Scott or I when he is tired and we are in the same room as him.  He is still doing 'Sooooo Big" with his hands up, clapping, waving, and he pats us when we pick him up.  When Connor is in the mood (typically when he is tired or when he hurt himself) he is quite the little snuggler.  He will lay his head on our chest.  He loves soft blankets and stuffed animals.  If he sees one on the floor, he will often go up and lay his head on it.  He also does this with the fur in the touch and feel books!  Connor has a lovey that he lays his head on every night to sleep with.  He typically has to hold onto something when sleeping!  

Connor still takes a paci while sleeping and occasionally in the car.  I know the time is quickly approaching for us to take that away and I am really dreading it!!  Although he is still taking bottles, I'm sure within the next month and a half we will have phased those out.  He takes a sippy cup great and is learning to use a straw (but will only use the straw on one particular cup that we have).  

Most of the people that live here in Ohio think that he looks very much like me.  His baby pictures and his Uncle Ross's baby pictures are almost identical.  This is scary seeing as how Scott and Vander's baby pictures are very similar!  I'm not sure what to think about that!  I think Elli and him are really starting to look alike!  They are interacting more these days and are BOTH learning the hard way of sharing!  Connor is now starting to let us know when he is not happy about us taking a toy away from him or taking him away from something he wants (a good example of this is the swing- this boy loves to swing more than anyone I know and he throws quite the fit when we take him out of it)!!

Our photo shoot this month was extremely difficult.  I actually wish I would have gotten it on video rather than pictures.  He would not sit still as you can see in these pictures..... the next couple of pictures Scott would sit Connor down and then start singing and dancing.  When Scott did this, he sat for at least 20 seconds so I could snap a couple pictures.

And then we brought out the stuffed animals.  You can see how Connor starts trying to lay on the stuffed animal.  We often find him on top of his blanket at night.

Elli was so excited that we were taking Bubbies pictures.  She quickly got out a sticker for herself.

Happy 10 month Birthday Connor boy!  You are growing way too quickly!  We love your smiles and laugh!  Your sweet, fun, easy going personality makes it such a joy to be around you!