The Lindvall Family

The Lindvall Family

Sunday, November 23, 2014


It doesn't get much sweeter than this little 3 month baby!!

 Daddy can get her to laugh….

Emery is 3 months old

Emery is 3 months old and clearly I'm playing catch up on these blog posts!  These days, Emery is giving us lots of smiles and is cooing often!  She has proven to be our toughest baby yet, but we are still  enjoying each day with her.  

Sleep has been an issue with Emery.  As of last week, we moved her to her crib.  She has done pretty well since we've moved her, but last night was a rough night for us, as she woke up many times throughout the night.  Prior to moving her to her crib, she'd wake up anywhere from 2 to 6 times a night and ate 1 to 2 times each night.  Her sleeping is mimicking Connor's where he would take a catnap around 8 at night and then be up until around 11 or 1am.  We are a few weeks away from being able to sleep train her….our dr. recommends doing it at 4 months of age… hopefully soon we will be sleeping better.  She gets extremely fussy in the evenings before bed.  Napping has been a little more consistent, but I never count on a solid nap during the day for fear of being disappointed :)  

Emery nurses at night and in the morning, but takes a bottle during the day.  She will typically only take a bottle when she is half asleep….it took us awhile to figure this out about her!  

Emery loves her brother and sister and gives them lots of smiles throughout the day!  Other than them and Scott and I, she hasn't really taken to anyone else.  She seems to know when someone else has her and tends to get fussy!  

Emery loves, loves, loves bathtime!  She also loves getting her diaper changed (weird, I know).  We are having some constipation issues with her, but they don't seem to bother her that much….we just have to give her juice or water every few days.  She is beginning to play with her toys and seems to love her Sophie toy!

Emery rolled from stomach to back for the first time on November 12th.  She now loves to do it mid-nap and it wakes her right up….awesome!

 These photo shoots are something that Elli is starting to look forward to, as I let her help take pictures.  The following are pictures that she took (she posed us and insisted on taking our pictures…..)
 Haha….I'm not so sure about the above picture….
 She caught Emery in the middle of sneezing….

Happy 3 Months to our sweet, princess Emery!!!!

Halloween 2014

The kids got to dress up various times this year for Halloween.  We ended up going trick-or-treating twice.  Once on Thursday evening and again in our neighborhood on Friday.  The weather forecast was looking gloomy for Friday, so we ended up going to our friend's neighborhood on Thursday night.  I stayed at the house on Friday evening with Emery and passed out candy to about 4 groups of kids….I think everyone decided to stay inside this evening.  They also got to dress up at AWANA and at school.  

Trick-or-treating in our friend's neighborhood on Thursday (FYI….Columbus has designated trick-or-treat times for the communities and usually they don't fall on Halloween….hence, multiple days of trick-or-treating).  

 Fireman, Ladybug & Elsa

The littlest trick-or-treater
 Tick-or-treating in our neighborhood!  I loved passing out candy even though it was only to a few kids!  Many of the houses in our neighborhood gave out full size candy bars (not ours :)  )

 Elsa, ladybug & quarterback (Connor was very insistent that he wasn't just a football player, he was a quarterback).

 Off they go.  They made it 2 houses and decided to come back.  After a little break, they went out again for awhile.
 My helper

The kids dressed up as Elsa and a quarterback for school.  Here they are with Elli's friend Andrew.  I stayed after for a few minutes after drop off and watched their Halloween Parade.  I was also able to make it back for a few minutes of Connor's Halloween Party.

Field Trip

Both kids had a field trip last month to Hidden Creek Farms.  Their field trip was the same day, same time, but obviously different classes.  Scott stopped by the farm on his way to Michigan and walked around with Connor's class while I went with Elli's class.  Both kids had a great time.  They picked pumpkins, played in corn, went in the maze, went down a huge slide, saw animals and climbed up a dirt mound.