The Lindvall Family

The Lindvall Family

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Easter 2016

We started our Easter celebration a few days before Easter with a visit from Nana, Vander & Dane while they were on Spring Break.  We had our first Easter egg hunt in our basement.  The kids had fun playing with their cousins and finding eggs.

Our next hunt was with our neighborhood on Saturday morning after Elli's softball practice.
 Later in the afternoon we went to church at Amber and Jeremy's church.  We got the kids dressed up in their Easter outfits and tried to take pictures.  Connor can barely sit still and Emery isn't a huge fan of getting pictures….it's always a struggle when we try and get all three of them together for a picture.

 We tried to take a quick picture of all 6 kids after church, but Emery wasn't cooperating!
 We grabbed a quick dinner and then came back to the house.  Emery was loving on Connor like she does almost every night.

 On Sunday, we spent the first part of the day at my parent's house and the last half with Scott's parents.
 Elli and I on the car ride home in the above picture and the kids on another Easter egg hunt below.

We had a great Easter!

Disney Trip 2016 Day 5

The last day of our trip, we slept in, ate breakfast and packed up our bags.  My parents brought Emery back to Orlando.  We swam for a few hours, ate lunch and left for the airport.  We had such a great, short trip.  An older couple at our old church had suggested that we take a family vacation with just our kids every year until the graduate college.  So, we intend to do just that.  We had so much fun with our kids and can't wait for our next trip!  Disney, we'll be seeing you soon!!

Here are some random pictures from our trip:

Disney Trip 2016 Day 4

We woke up on Day 4 of Disney and were exhausted, but this was our last day at the parks so we decided to get another early start.  

A quick picture at our resort on our way to the bus!
We made a quick stop at Animal Kingdom before heading to Magic Kingdom.  We probably only spent an hour at the park.  Elli, Scott & I rode Everest (Scott rode after us because Connor was about 2 inches too short).

She wasn't the biggest fan of the ride and it was actually a bit more intense than I remember it being, but I was so proud of her for trying it!  Scott and Connor rode a quick ride while we were on Everest.

We rode the bus to Magic Kingdom and got there a little before the crowd.  We went on the Jungle Cruise, Thunder Mountain, People Mover (a few times), It's a Small World (a few times), Pirates of the Caribbean, Barnstormer (a few times), The Teacups, Aladdin's Carpet, The Little Mermaid, Snow White Mine Ride and The Carousel.  It was President's Day, so we also went to the Hall of Presidents.  I really don't remember it being as cool as it was…once again, another reminder that I'm just getting old.  Elli had been studying Presidents in her class, so she also enjoyed seeing it.  We climbed the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse again because the first time Connor had called down and hadn't really been able to see much of it.  We also watched the main street parade, Dream Along with Mickey (they closed this show down 10 days ago, so I'm so glad we got to see it one last time), the Electrical Parade, Lightshow, and fireworks.  And as if we couldn't have squeezed in one more thing to the day, we went to see Mickey at about 10 that night as we were leaving the park.

 We ended up getting rained on while we were riding Barnstormer.  It only rained a little more that evening, but we were relatively wet from when we got rained on.  We had such a fun, last day at the parks, but I'm not sure we could have done any more days at the parks.  We were all pretty exhausted and we were excited to sleep in the next day!