The Lindvall Family

The Lindvall Family

Thursday, July 26, 2012

2.5 years old

We've officially hit your half birthday and I can't believe how much you've changed from when you turned 2 years old.  One of the biggest things that has changed is you are completely potty trained except for at night. Just within the past week we've cut out milk before bed in an attempt to try and get rid of those nighttime diapers.  You were actually fine with this which completely surprised us- you love your milk at night!  Speaking of going to the potty, the past couple of weeks you've been wanting to go outside like Bella.  Yep, like really wanting to go'll try and sneak somewhere and drop your drawers.

Another big change has been your communication.  You are talking up a storm.  You are no longer using 1 or 2 word phrases like you were at 2 years old, but instead are using long, complete sentences.  You are so expressive and dramatic when you talk.  This is one thing that many people say about you- how expressive you are with your body language and inflection when you talk.  Some phrases that you say right now that we think are really cute: "What you sayin" ', "I appreciate it" (she told this to some cashier when we were leaving), "That makes sense", "Not time to play Bubby-It's time to eat" (She hears this way too much from me), and my favorite as of tonight, "This is realllll good.  Thanks for making dinner, Mommy."   Tonight you took Daddy's phone, put it up to your ear and said, "Hello, Hi Nemo. We're just sittin' outside. Throwin' Bella the ball.  Ok. Gotta go."  Then you looked up at Daddy and said "That my friend.  His name is Nemo."There are so many more things you say each day that are so funny.

You think that a kiss will make everything feel better.  Whenever you hurt something, you instantly want that body part kissed.  After it's kissed, you usually sniff and say "I feel better."  

You are more girly than ever, El.  You absolutely love to wear a dress or skirt....especially one that twirls.  You still love your accessories, purses, lip gloss, and anything else that will doll you up.  You don't like getting dirty and if your clothes get wet, you want them off immediately.  Currently, Fancy Nancy has become your favorite books.  I see you growing into a girl just like Fancy Nancy.  As a result of these books, we are hearing words like "oh la la," "limousine," and "fuchsia."  I want to take you so badly to Disney World.  Not in a year or 3 years, but right now.  You are so. so. so. into princesses and love everything about them.  Just hearing the word "princess" makes you stop in your tracks.  While I think you'd be too young for certain things at Disney, I think you'd absolutely love seeing all your favorite princesses- you would totally eat that up.  I've talked to Daddy about just us 3 going to Disney just for a few days and leaving Bubby with your grandparents, but it just isn't practical right now.  Princess Aurora and Snow White continue to be your favorites.  Every time we say "wow your hair looks long" you immediately say "Yeah, like tangled."  Speaking of hair, you would absolutely love to have long hair.  In fact, you have 2 sorry looking wigs from the dollar tree that you wear with pride each time they are on your head.  Painting your nails has become an every couple day occurrence- we would do this daily if I let you!

 (You thought this lady on T.V. was a kept asking to see her over and over again)

You love being around  people and get so excited when we tell you someone is coming to visit you or when we tell you friends are coming over.  You used to be so shy, but these days you typically will talk to anyone.  In fact, last week in the doctor's office, you talked to everyone in the waiting room, asking each person "What your name?"  You always want to know everyone's name.  You also want everyone to know that you have a playhouse and always show them your painted nails or toes.  You typically attach yourself to a couple of our friends- Megan, Kelli, and Faith seem to be your favorite these days....anytime they are around, you usually want to be right beside them.  

One thing we've really started to notice is how hesitant you've been at trying certain things.  You seem to be scared of going down new slides or the slide in general these days (we have no clue why- you've never been scared of the slide) or riding little kid rides.  Oddly enough, you love looking at skeletons, ghosts, and witches (weird, I know).You've concurred your fear of swimming, but as soon as you get a little cold, you want out of the water! 

You continue to love reading, playing mommy to your babies, any kind of sweets, pacifiers (even though you haven't had one since you were 11 months old- you love pointing them out), dancing, carousals (you don't love this, you are obsessed with this), animals, and life in general!  You get so excited about going out and doing things and every morning  you are so happy.  You've started taking a liking to your really starting to interact with him....much of the time its you bossing him around, but hey....I'll take it!  

El, there is so much more I could probably write and so much I just don't want to forget about this stage in your life!  You really are a sweet little girl!  You are so giving with your kisses and hugs and we love them!  Happy half birthday!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

30 Years Old

Scott turned 30 years old last week!  We managed to celebrate 3 different times for his birthday!  

Elli helped me make a birthday cake for him!  She also picked out 2 balloons: a princess balloon and dog balloon for the celebration.  I let her pick out one gift for Scott for his birthday from the dollar store- she picked out a sponge to wash cars (not bad- Scott loves washing the cars)! We did a little celebration when his parents were here the week prior.

We had cake and city BBQ the night of his birthday.

(I'm not sure why Elli's shirt was off in this picture.  Also, can you see Connor standing on his highchair in the background like he shouldn't be)

And the Saturday following his birthday I had planned a whole day of fun for him!  It started out with breakfast and golf with his friends.  After golf, he came home and had 15 minutes to shower and get ready for dinner, a Columbus Crew game, and ice cream with our group of friends.  The whole day was a surprise and success!!  

Happy 30th Scott!!

11 months

Connor is 11 months old and we are quickly approaching his first birthday.  He is changing and growing everyday.  Each day I see more and more signs of a little boy.  He continues to be my sweet little guy and loves being around us.  Connor gives me multiple hugs daily and loves to snuggle up with me right before he goes down for bed or a nap.  Although this little guy is sweet as can be, he is starting to develop a little attitude when he doesn't get something he wants or when someone takes a toy away from him.

Connor loves singing and will occasionally dance when he hears music.  I often think he is trying to sing when he hears music because we hear many times "uhhhhhuhhhhuhhhhhh" from him when we sing. He enjoys reading and his favorite book undoubtedly is "How Big."  He gets so anxious as we turn each page and throws a little fit when the book is done.  Connor enjoys throwing balls, spinning the wheels on his truck, or taking a steering wheel and turning it.  He loves swinging!  One of Connor's favorite places to play seems to be on our couch.  He loves to get up there and fall on all the pillows- he will laugh and laugh at this!  He will hold a phone up to his hear and a brush up to his head.  Last week I caught Connor trying to put one of Elli's headbands on- not one of our prouder moments.

Connor continues to take 2 naps a day and goes to bed around 7:30 at night.  He is a pretty good sleeper and will usually sleep until 6:30 or 7:15.  We are in the process of taking away his bottles and this is proving to be a lot tougher than I thought it'd be.  Turns out, Connor really likes his bottles.  It doesn't help the fact that he has spent the last couple of days with some sort of virus and is possibly getting his first tooth.  We are down to 1 bottle a day- before bed at night and there is no turning back!

Connor is babbling away and we love hearing him 'talk.' He is walking with his walking toys and stands all the time!  He is a quick crawler and will jet up the stairs whenever he sees open opportunities.  I go back and forth on whether I think he will walk by his first birthday- we will see!!

Our photo shoot this month was a very quick one.  Connor does not sit still for long!

We attempted a photo shoot in the morning, but as you can see that didn't work out.  Connor was hungry and wanted his breakfast!!

So we tried again after his afternoon nap and had some success....

The above picture is my favorite one of the whole photo shoot!  I took away the bear in the above pictures and gave him his dog.  He was searching for that bear in this picture.

Happy 11 months Bubby!!!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Connor's Giggle

When I think of Connor, the one word that comes to mind is 'sweet.'  He really is the sweetest little thing and will give me multiple hugs a day.   Whether it be sitting on the floor or laying on the floor, this little guy crawls up to me and will just lay his head in my lap or will lay his head on my shoulder.  

His giggle is super sweet as well!  While I was cleaning up dinner, I heard Connor giggling like crazy....I found him doing this...... 

So, I did what I thought was the most responsible thing and grabbed the video camera because I didn't want to miss that sweet giggle!  I can assure you that as soon as I was done taping this, I did discipline him !  Unfortunately, he has been doing this now at every meal (whether or not we have Bella there ready to catch the food).  Opps!!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy 4th of July!  We have had a busy couple days with some special visitors.  Papa and Nana Lindvall were able to come spend a few days with us to help celebrate the 4th and build a swing set for the kids!  

We started off our celebration by going to a parade in New Albany.  This was obviously Connor's first parade and Elli's 2nd.

Elli and I went to the parade early and saved us seats.  

I tried to get a picture of Elli and Siena smiling....unsuccessful....but at least they are both looking the same way!

Nana, Papa, Scott, & and Connor joined us a few minutes later right as the parade was starting!

Elli's favorite thing about the parade was the candy.  She was mid-chew in the above picture.
 Nana and Connor!!
After the parade, we came back to the house and continued working on building a swing set for Elli and Connor.  There were a million and two pieces and I'm still not sure how we didn't lose any.

I did a quick photo shoot with the kids inside to try and keep them out of the heat.  It was hot!!

'How big is Connor?' SOOOO Big!!

 Nana helped  me out, but this was the best picture we could get of them together!!

Look who is standing??  Connor has been standing pretty well for a little over a week now.  I can't believe how big he is getting!!

Posing for the camera

With her pink bunny in hand.  She was bribed!

Connor spent a lot of time in his car to keep him entertained while work was being done on the swing set.

 Later that day I took Elli to a festival in our town.  After a quick jump in the jumping thing, a ride that went around and around 500 times and almost made me sick, and a fresh lemonade we had had enough!  It was way too hot!!

We ended the night with fireworks and ice cream.  The fireworks didn't last long and became somewhat tortuous to the kids.  Elli was begging us to stop....they were both scared!  Do you see the disgust in her face??

Thursday was spent finishing up the swing set (by this time many, many hours were spent working on it)!  Nana also took Elli to a movie while Papa and Scott went to look at bikes.  I hung out with Connor at the house!!  

I'm pretty sure Connor is going to like dogs just as much as Elli does!!  Mackey is such a good dog and let Connor crawl all over him!

By Thursday late afternoon, the swing set was FINISHED!!  

Both kids love having this swing set!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you Papa and Nana for all your hard work!  They worked on this in probably the worst conditions possible (100 degree weather and humid)!!!!  Elli had been looking forward to Papa and Nana coming to visit for the last week!  And it was quite a treat as they were able to spend 2 nights with us instead of just 1.  This 4th of July was very productive!!