The Lindvall Family

The Lindvall Family

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My first vacation

Elliana is officially 9 weeks old today! WOW! She celebrated last night by sleeping in her room the whole night....such a big girl! We are still getting up with her 1 to 2 times throughout the night, but it was a big transition to have her officially out of our room! She is also no longer sleeping in her car seat!! She sleeps soundly on her stomach and although this makes me extremely nervous...we have the SIDS monitor that should alarm us if there is ever a breathing concern. I can't believe that Elli has been with us now for 9 weeks! Scott was able to walk down memory lane last Saturday to pick up some more pacifiers from the hospital. He told me he wished we could go back to the hospital and put her in the nursery for the night while we slept in one of the rooms! This was funny seeing as how he had a whole week of good rest while we were in Florida and I was the one who hasn't had a good nights sleep in 2 months:)

Elli is smiling all the time now and is cooing a lot more! She is sitting up much better and keeps her hands open more than closed!! She still LOVES her play mat and moves her legs and arms as soon as the music starts!

Elli had her first couple ounces of formula the other day! This was extremely hard for me, but we had no choice! My supply has slowly started to come back....luckily I've had frozen bags of breastmilk stored up! The formula has backed her up a bit, so we're hoping for a poo sometime soon :)

Elli and I have been in Florida for the past week with my mother-in-law and sisters-in law. We had a great trip! Elli was such a trooper with all the traveling and being passed around from person to person. We met Scott's great-aunt and uncle and they showed us around Naples on Tuesday. We also got to go to Scott's cousin's wedding which was on the beach at Treasure Island on Friday. Venna and I were in charge of handing out programs and bubles and Tashia was in charge of all the flowers! Without knowing, Venna and I had gotten the same dress to wear to the didn't look so bad since we ended up helping out the with wedding! We spent some time at the beach, pool, and even fit in a little shopping! All us girls got new Coach purses from our mother-in-law for our birthdays! This was the highlight of my trip....We all had such a hard time picking out the perfect purse, but are happy with our selection! A coach billfold would be the perfect birthday gift to go with my new purse (hint....hint :) ) I kept telling my mother-in-law that Elli needed her first coach purse, but she didn't seem to think so....I'm not sure why :) Overall we had a great time and Elli has already been in more states at 9 weeks old than most people!

Below are pictures from the past week....
8 weeks old....

you'll have to turn your head to look at this picture....sorry!!
On the beach for the first time!!

bathing beauty

Hanging out with Nana! Elli and her spent some good, quality time on this trip! I was definitely grateful for all the help and some alone time while she watched her!

Wedding time

matching outfits

waiting for the wedding to start

mommy and Elli

Did Nana ever think that one day she would have a "girls only" trip?

Elli with her great aunt brenda and uncle kirk

2 month photo shoot

I don't think she could get any cuter

We are looking forward to this weekend as it will be Elliana's first Easter! I can't wait to get her all dressed up again and take her to both our home churches on Sunday!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

7 weeks

Look at what a big girl I am! Sitting up with a little help from the chair and my burp cloth!!

Elliana is 7 weeks old today!! She acts older each day! Elli has really been so much more alert the past week and is smiling and playing like crazy!! We went to go visit her friend and their parents yesterday and Elli actually looks bigger than Siena. Tomorrow we are going on our first shopping trip with Rachel and Siena...hopefully we can try and coordinate both girls feeding schedules to make it easier on us!!

Elli still:

* crosses her legs most times during the day

* clinches her fists when she's mad or eating....occasionally she clinches too tight and her fists turn purple

* is happiest in the mornings and after naps

* will not sleep in her crib for longer than 30 minutes :( She loves her car seat

* throws a fit right before it is time to go to bed (this is a new thing)

* is in newborn clothes....she has on a 0-3 month sleeper because everything else is dirty and it is still a bit big for her (which she just pooed in....more laundry :) )

* is the cutest little girl

Elli absolutely loves the play mat Mom and Dad let us borrow! She loves the music and lights combo! When she is fussy, I first try to feed her....when that doesn't work I put her on the play mat....this usually pleases her! More and more she is enjoying just lying by herself stretching out....Miss Independent!

Here are picture of her her playing.....

Pictures of her smiling at me....

Scott and I had a great weekend! We didn't do much at all. Saturday, Scott and Elliana spent some quality father-daughter time as I ventured out to find some new clothes. Next week, Elli and I will be going to Florida. I decided the other day it was time to try on some of my summer clothes so I could start packing. Big Mistake!! Unfortunately, only 1 pair of shorts fit me....ugh! Now usually I would be extremely excited to spend a day shopping and buying a new wardrobe; however, I was dreading trying to squeeze these childbearing hips in new pants. Hopefully I will be back down to my normal size by our anniversary....that is my goal! I'm glad Scott and Elli got to spend some time together....He will probably be holding her nonstop from the time he gets home on Friday to the time we leave.
We've both been trying to make healthier food choices. On Friday, we both wanted ice cream, but we decided it was best not to indulge! Saturday came and we absolutely had to get some sort of ice cream....So....instead of getting some at Cold Stone, we decided to make the shakes ourselves! We made strawberry shakes instead of chocolate and used organic strawberries....good dieting strategy, right? :) We're not good at the whole dieting thing, but I'm sure we'll learn!

Such a good Daddy!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Visit with Cousin Kensley

Here are pictures from a photo shoot with cousin Kensley and Nana Brauchler. I'm realizing that it'll be forever until we can get both girls to look at the camera without crying or having their hands in their mouth. In the meantime....we'll keep trying....

First attempt at pictures....It got better after naps as you can see from the above pictures....

Busy week

Elliana has had a big week! Last weekend, Elli got to meet her cousins and Aunt Tashia and spend time with her grandparents. We then headed to Indiana for a couple days to meet family and friends while Scott was in Texas! We got to Indiana around 8:30 on Sunday night and left yesterday afternoon! Elli was extremely tired as I had her in and out of the car multiple times.

Elli has experienced many firsts this past week:

1.) First trip to Indiana

2.) First time at her Grandparents house

3.) First time meeting her cousins, Vander and Dane

4.) First time meeting her Aunt Tashia and Uncle Ross & Aunt Venna and Uncle Aaron

5.) First time meeting her Great-Grandma and Grandpa Zurcher and Great Aunt Carla

6.) First time in a mall (Easton on Friday and Caselton on Wednesday....She REALLY enjoyed this....I can see many shopping trips in our future!!)

7.) First time visiting all her grandparents at their jobs

8.)First time at Aunt Amber, Uncle Jeremy, and Kensley's house

9.) First trip to Sarah and Travis' house (this was a first for me too!! Beautiful Sarah and Travis!!!!)


11.) First time meeting some of her grandparents' friends

12.) First time meeting her Great-Great Aunt Donna and Uncle Taylor

Phew....what a busy week!!

Elliana also turned 6 weeks old this past Tuesday!!!! That seems so old! She is really starting to become more alert and fun! She is extremely happy in the mornings (must take after her father) and is always smiling!! Elli has also been enjoying time on the play mat and loves looking at the lights! Initially, Elli always wanted to be held and would cry if we put her down....Now, she is enjoying time to herself to stretch and lie on the play mat.

My goal this week is to try and get her on somewhat of a schedule. I just put her down for a morning nap and she fought me for a bit, but is finally fast asleep. I'm hoping to take her and Bells on a walk today! It is 65 degrees here and I'm really wanting to get out :) We will go visit Daddy at work next week and meet all his co-workers!

Pictures from last weekend....

Happy Birthday, Nana!!

Nana's first birthday with Elli!!

Meeting Aunt Tashia

Meeting her cousins

Vander loved holding Elli! She might not have a big brother, but I have a feeling that she'll have a cousin looking after her!!
The following pictures are from our visit to Elli's Great-Grandma and Grandpa Zurcher's house.

4 Generations picture

Picture time with her great-grandparents
More Pictures

Meeting her Great Aunt Carla

Grandpa Zurcher giving her a bottle
Elli's 6 week photo shoot.....

Getting ready to smile!!

Meeting More Family....

Meeting Aunt Venna and Uncle Aaron

Another picture with Uncle Aaron holding her

Vander holding Elli again!!

Playing with Uncle Ross and Aunt Tashia

Attempted a family picture with Elli

Visiting all the grandparents at work....

Visiting Papa and Nana's house where Nana babysits. The kids at the house LOVED Elli....

Visiting Sweetser Elementary

Visiting World Gospel Mission

Visiting Oak Hill High School

Elli and I had a good trip home visiting family and friends. She did great in the car as she always does! We will be headed back to IN for Easter....