The Lindvall Family

The Lindvall Family

Friday, March 3, 2017

Emery is 2.5

Emery is officially 2.5 years and this day has completely snuck up on me!  She is growing and changing so much!

Emery is really starting to love all things girl!  She loves her princesses and her favorites are Belle, Rapunzel, Ariel, Anna and Elsa.  She loves wearing princess dresses or shirts with the princesses on them.  Currently, she loves putting her Anna and Elsa dresses on and dancing all around to their music.

Emery loves carrying a purse around.  Her favorite things are chapstick, hand sanitizer and gum.  She's never actually had gum, but she loves the idea of it.  She carries around these three things all day we try to keep them out of her sight as much as possible.

Emery loves being a mommy to her baby and enjoys playing with Elli's American girl dolls.  She loves dancing, coloring, play dough, and painting.  She loves searching through Elli's room, which Elli does not like :)

Emery is a somewhat picky eater, but we tend to get a decent amount of food down her every day.  Her favorite foods are: salami, cheese, marshmallows, candy, ice cream, hot dogs, Mac and cheese, and baked beans.  She is still really small for her age, so she continues to be on whole milk.  She loves ketchup and ranch and continues to dip most things in them (per Doctor's request to add more calories).

Emery continues to make progress on her's just not as fast as I'd like.  She's beginning to put more two and three word phrases together and occasionally will do a four word phrase.  We continue to work on it and even the older two kids are making her use her words to request things.

Emery is doing great with her potty skills.  She often wakes up dry from nap and from bedtime.  She almost never has an accident!

I can't believe how big this girl is getting!  Happy 2.5 years, Emery!!

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